Tuesday, June 23, 2015

My problem child

I looked out my window at lunchtime yesterday and was relieved to see the whole herd in the barn.
I grabbed my camera, thinking I'd take a few pictures of my practical equines 
staying cool in the shade on a hundred-degree day.

Me: Alan, that is so not cool.

So much for my theory that everyone's fly mask would stay on 
if everyone was wearing a grazing muzzle.

Alan and George were both hanging their heads in shame, so I wasn't sure who to blame.

Perhaps George was seeking retribution for the fly mask wedgie
Alan gave him a few years back.

Turns out it was the gate latch's fault.
Alan must have been trying to scratch off the mask when it got caught on the bolt.
He pulled back and cleanly ripped the ear piece from the mesh.
Such a clever boy.

While everyone tried to keep their cool in the barn, 
I went online to order more fly masks and lost mine.


  1. Doesn't the roll-on fly repellent work any more? Love your family....hate flies!

    1. Yes for Alan and Lucy, not enough for George, who seems extra-allergic to the flies this year. So I'm making them all wear masks now as a gesture of support for George. Misery loves company.

  2. ha ha the gate latch's fault!! Typical Alan speaking! The boy knows where to scratch his masked head!

  3. Ha ha, that first pic was hilarious! It said it all.
    Love those two rotten boys

  4. Hooray for online shopping!

  5. An American in Tokyo6/23/15, 5:43 PM

    I'll bet Alan planned it all along...hee hee! ;)

  6. I'm beginning to think that Alan needs to wear something indestructible like a biker's helmet, complete with full visor and integrated muzzle and ear encasings. (Sorry, Alan!)

  7. Have you tried garlic? I heard this stuff works. http://www.springtimeinc.com/product/bug-off-garlic-horses/all-natural-horse-supplements