Monday, June 22, 2015

It's enough to make a burro cry

The end of June is always the hottest time of the year in these parts,
and all the recent rain has made it humid and buggy.

The conditions have brought George to tears (he's allergic to flies), which drip down his face 
and leave tracks, inviting more flies to come over for a salty drink.
I hate seeing him cry, so he's wearing his fly mask as an extra layer of protection. 
The only way to keep George's fly mask on is to make Alan wear a grazing muzzle.
Since we're all about fairness here, everybody has to wear masks and muzzles now.

Alan: But I don't need no stinkin' grazing muzzle. Look how skinny I am!
Me: It's the camera angle. You're as chubby as your brother. Get over it.

Maybe he was pouting, maybe he was just looking for shade. In either case, Alan was mad at me.

Alan: This is not a dignified profile.

The burro banditos had no intention of letting me pass unless I removed their summer accessories.

Lucy: If somebody weren't such a crybaby, we wouldn't be in this mess.


  1. Hah! They do look like they are ready to rob you. Poor kids...and I'm sure all that gear is warm,too but necessary :-(

  2. LOL! Those get-ups make me think of Hannibal Lechter (however that's spelled!).....Clarice!

  3. This is really burro full burka version!

  4. oh oh. they look like they mean business.

  5. poor's for their own good but like kids, they make the rule makers suffer.


  6. Oh man! That was a hard read! Those fly mask/grazing muzzles always make me claustrophobic.

  7. You take really good care of your little darlings.

  8. Oh the (in)humanity!

  9. An American in Tokyo6/22/15, 5:53 PM

    Aww, poor things.
    Do they get everything taken off at sunset? I would love to see their happy faces when that happens!

    1. They sure do, and it's the best part of their day. Stay tuned.

    2. An American in Tokyo6/23/15, 5:44 PM

      Looking forward to it!! =D

  10. Reminds me of "The Man in the Iron Mask"... poor babies. I know it's for their own good, but must be claustrophobic.

  11. Today's Headline: The Burro Banditos Hold-Up at the 7MSN Ranch.....On an isolated stretch of dirt track in the very nearly unpopulated center of New Mexico, near one really large juniper bush, 2 (or was it 3? Details are sketchy) masked bandits formed a body barricade to the one Jeep caught in their path. Their demands, tears, pouts and extreme sadness could not sway the driver to remove their masks and reveal the fierce, hungry, fly-bitten members of Hank's Notorious Gang of smart asses.

    "Wait 'til sundown", said the driver, "and you will be unmasked."

    .......See THE REVEAL in tomorrow's edition of the 7MSN Gazette....


  12. this post makes me miss Breaking Bad. Badly.