Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Sold to the highest bidder

This vacation story will make more sense if you understand the cast of characters. Here they are:
 The tall stick figure on the left is Jim, standing next to his wife, Pat.
Jim and Pat have been dear friends of the family forever.
The not-as-tall stick figure is my brother-in-law, Gianni, standing behind the couch 
and next to my sister, Kathleen. Anyway, we were all at Jim and Pat's house, 
drinking margaritas, when J&P and G&K proceeded to tell the story of a recent beer tasting 
they had attended, followed by a trip to the Palm City Auction
They swear the beer tasting did not influence their decision to bid on a certain item, 
which all agreed was meant for me. When they presented the item to me, I had to agree. 
All I had to do was figure out a way to get it back to New Mexico – it was big and heavy and fragile.
Jim took care of that. He packed it up like a precious piece of art (because it is), 
and I checked it as baggage. Amazingly, Delta Airlines didn't break it or lose it.

Smooch was as curious about it as you might be by now.

Between the duct tape, the styrofoam, and the plywood inserts covering the glass,
it took quite awhile to unpack.

Smooch lost interest.

Had she looked closely, she would have appreciated the fine detail 
of the donkeys that framed the mirror...

...and the cowboys in the corners with their hands up. I'm not sure what donkeys and cowboy bandits
have to do with one another, but it doesn't really matter. This work of art could only belong in one place, 
and that would be my house, specifically my laundry room/mud room/coat room. 
Now I can see what I look like and properly adjust my hat before I go outside.

Thank you, Pat and Jim and Gianni and Kathleen, for recognizing fine art when you see it,
and for listening when it spoke to you.
The laundry room is my new happy place because of this art...
and also because the washer and dryer are working again! 




  1. Gorgeous mirror! My interpretation of the cowboys with their hands up: One is saying "oh, what handsome animals on this ranch!" The second is saying "This cowgirl has wonderful taste in art!" The third is saying: "These donkeys produce a LOT of poop!" And the fourth says: "Yeah, and who's going to clean it all up?"

  2. Love Smooch's toy, but then I love all spiders. The mirror rocks, too.

    Emily in NC

  3. Does the number of donkeys mean that you are going to have to increase your herd to ten?

  4. Glad the Cowboys, donkeys and you were able to "git along" back west. Really no matter the mirror figure relationships, as they are all pard-ners now!! Missing you and your bad a-- margueritas, sista...........J and Pt

  5. Absolutely fab. Lots of work went into the design. Hats off to the artist. A nice addition to your beautiful ranch.

  6. Perfect mirror! I'm glad they had beer before the auction too. It always helps.

  7. i can see why they bid on it... talk about a PERFECT gift, this is it. i love it and the cowgirls in it.

  8. Those are not bandit cowboys. Those are cowboys with their hands in the air in exasperation, because donkeys never do anything they want them to do! Beautiful piece of art!

  9. How did that ever end up in FLA in the first place?
    I LOLed at that last picture.

  10. It is lovely! Then again, anything with donkeys can't be anywhere near bad...can it?

  11. Love that mirror and it was made for that room!
    It makes you smile when you see it...and now there is no way you can have a bad day!

  12. I just returned from Colorado to your art -- it is PERFECT! Not to mention really really adorable. Just like the faces in its mirror.

  13. That is a delightful piece -- with a touch of practicality.

  14. Those cowboys are really cowgirls.... and, they are throwing their hands up in resignation..... because they have an even bigger herd than you do! hahahah..... good for your family!!

  15. What a gorgeous piece of art. Love the style. Also a great pic of family and friends. But I simply love the one of the Desperado Sisters.

  16. An American in Tokyo5/19/15, 5:52 PM

    Beautiful mirror and frame!! It really belongs in your house!! =)

    Glad also to hear that your washer and dryer are now working! Yipee!

  17. That's a great piece. Very appropriate for the decor. Hope to see it soon. Those two in the mirror look like the Frito Bandidos!!