Monday, May 18, 2015


The vacation is over. Bummer. I'm back to work today, with nothing to show for my time away
 except a bunch of pictures and great memories.
 Please bear with me while I dump them here over the next few days.

The Ethels love my animals and vice versa. 

It was one big love fest...

...despite the wind and whacky New Mexico weather.
(It snowed here on Saturday. And rained. And sleeted. And hailed. And the sun came out, too.)

Smooch loves having houseguests, and she loves waking them up in the morning. 
Dog breath at sunrise is the first order of the day.
Let this be a warning to anyone planning to visit. 

Hiking at the neighborhood ruins is also a popular activity.

As is eating and drinking.


  1. Lucky, lucky ranch-sitters. Welcome back.

  2. Great friends- I think they must really ike you to endure dogbreath in the morning.

  3. I like how they all gather around for their share of the love. Do they act like they miss you after you've been away? My cat will sit with his back towards me for a couple of days.

  4. So glad that you had peace of mind about the ranch and a great visit with your Mom. Life is good, eh? I look forward to your adventures and possibly a few more pics of the ranch sitters. xoxo Oma Linda

  5. "Please bear with me..."
    Oh well alright then... replied she who has been close to drooling in anticipation for DAYS!!

  6. I am having withdrawals already.... :-(

  7. Was that last photo your home-coming lunch?

  8. Oh, how delightful! I want to eat that, too!

  9. Welcome back, Carson and au revoir to the Ranchsitters and à bientôt! Come back soon!

  10. An American in Tokyo5/18/15, 6:03 PM

    Ooo, lovely photos!
    The last one has got my stomach growling! Is it a pulled pork sandwich and coleslaw?! YUM!!
    Can't wait to see your other photos. =)