Thursday, May 28, 2015

Smooch's new happy place

As the recent redecorating snowball rolled downhill, it collided with Etsy 
and I ended up with a new cover for the windowseat in my bedroom.
Smooch was never very fond of the previous utilitarian blue cover, nor was I.
It was sturdy and easy to clean but lacked personality. Besides, Smooch's delicate sensibilities
prefer the soft, warm texture of fabric over the harsh coldness of marine vinyl.

Anyway, the windowseat is Smooch's new happy place.

Mine, too, because the indoor/outdoor fabric is a breeze to clean with the Shark.
which I still love and couldn't live without.

Johnny's new happy place is just below the window from Smooch's,
in a smashed down clump of feather grass. 

JCC: I'd prefer a cushion.


  1. Smooch has great taste. The cushion is fabulous as is the dark leather on the wall.

  2. I see you're keeping magnifying mirrors away from this one! :-) And that grass is wild - it looks like an extreme closeup of hair - maybe donkey hair?

  3. smooch is the prettiest decoration in your home... love that windows set and the view of Johnny out side

  4. Very stylish. What color is JCC's cushion going to be?

  5. I love my Shark. It has no problem picking up cat hair. I have 5 indoor cats.
    Lynda in Michigan

  6. Your ranch is looking fantastic! inside & out.

  7. I thought I was the only one that vacuumed furniture with the whole machine. :)

  8. and let's hope the fabric doesn't burn like the vinyl either! although, I don't think we should test it!
    I forgot about the porch you put on! man, you are changing things up! all looks great. I love the bright colors of the fabrics you have chosen.
    and I am still lovin my Shark as well.

  9. An American in Tokyo5/28/15, 5:43 PM

    I love the pattern of the fabric! And I think the look on Smooch's face says it all. =D
    Hi JCC! *waves*