Friday, November 14, 2014

Smitten by a shark

How do I hate vacuuming? Let me count the ways: 

I hate it for the noise it makes. 
I hate it for the time it takes. 
I really hate it for the cord.
It tangles, I wrangle, it tangles some more. 

Then along came this Shark. How did I not know until now that cordless vacuum cleaners existed?

Top life-changing inventions of all time:
1. Cordless vacuum cleaners
2. I can't think of a #2.

Once I learned of their existence, I did a little bit of research, then ordered a Shark Navigator Freestyle
The description sounded way too good to be true, but I was willing to gamble 99 dollars
on the promise of "a premium cordless, lightweight solution with exceptional pet hair pick-up."

I'm sure this vacuum isn't for everybody, but for folks living in small houses 
with bare floors and a few area rugs, plus lots of dog hair, woodstove mess, and everyday ranch dirt,
it's so stinkin' perfect, I'm positively giddy (and nobody is paying me to say this).

It has swivel steering, weighs all of 11 pounds, is about half as loud as my corded vacuum, 
and Smooch doesn't run for the exits when I turn it on.

Smooch: Since when do you smile while you're vacuuming?


  1. i want one i want one. i did not know they existed either.

  2. It is often little things that make us the happiest. Would a diamond ring get the house clean? No. It would get dirt all up in it from the lives we lead and scratch the ones we love the most. Yea lightweight vacuum!

  3. Oh Yes ... we had a cordless vacuum we kept in the kitchen for just that sort of thing --> quick cleanup after meals / during meal prep. It was black and had a battery that was removable and plugged into a charger. Unfortunately after 5-plus years the battery just gave up and we couldn't find a replacement. At that time we checked out the stores and the inexpensive vac (may $50 at that time ) was no longer available ... just pricey-dudes on the shelf. So we didn't replace it.

    Thanks for the review ... I will check it out and have a little discussion with 'the boss' .

    M in NC

  4. The only problem with battery operated vacuums that I've found is that the battery doesn't last long before it can't hold a charge any more. With two corgis, I do A LOT of vacuuming and I burn through the cordless ones at an alarming rate!

  5. I also have a Shark vacuum. Not the cordless one. I also hate to vacuum. We have 5 cats. Hardwood floors except for the kitchen and a few area rugs. The Shark picks up everything. I love it!

  6. Thanks for the review, Linda. Should my Dyson ever die (perish the thought!), this would be ideal for me as well.

  7. Damg! I've tried several, but with all the pet hair, they all die on me in short order. Will have to try this one, and thanks for the testimonial (Shark should reimburse you, b/c I'm sure there will be many more sales as a result of your post :- )

    And .. Smooch is a wise dog to avoid the floor-chomper; my silly dogs try to eat it .. makes picking up pet hair all the more elusive :- /


  8. I just got the corded shark version - L-O-V-E it!!

    Best vacuum ever, since I killed the awesome dirt devil I had in NYC (17 years ago) sucking up a bicycle reflector. Since then it's been a long, painful parade of substandard machines who sucked - mostly because they didn't suck. And who needs the contents blown back out the tailpipe? Insult to injury. The last version may or may not have left the location in parts.

  9. We have a Roomba in the UK. Its a round cleaner that you leave on when you go out and it cleans the room by itself. It changes from carpet to bare floors automatically, goes back to its station to recharge its batteries when it begins to run down and can detect stairs or steps from a thingy at the front so it doesnt fall. They are around $500 I think but I have friends who have one and say they are great and come home to a clean house with zero effort! Have a look on I dont have one but would LOVE one!

  10. I want this! I have tile floors and a few rugs, and I hate having to deal with the *%#@ cord! We also live in the desert with two cats and I am always cleaning up sand and cat hair.

  11. Sold to the woman in the polka dot pajamas!

  12. Looks good. My next replacement vac maybe. My house sounds like your house - little carpet, wood floors and area rugs, cat hair, fireplace ash....

  13. What!? I had no idea there were cordless vacuums!! Good grief, what else am I unaware of??? I too, am smitten by a shark...but mine has a cord and yes, I hate it. The cord, that is. The vacuum is really pretty great. We have wood floors, tile and only carpet in our bedroom, (soon to be replaced) 2 Labs, a messy wood stove and lots of dirt. My dream is cordless electricity!!! Wonder how much replacement batteries would cost? Thank you for the info!!

  14. Had a late supper one evening in a restaurant (as in "last one out") recently. Employees pulled out the Shark and started vacuuming. I had never seen a battery-powered cordless before and asked about it because we could certainly use one in our office for quick pickups. They raved about theirs. Only complaint was get parts. They said the handle would break after lots of use (and they're pretty rough on use). But this doesn't seem to be an issue on this website. They made a point of vacuuming around me so I knew it was time to go.

  15. It would take a lot to get me excited about a vacumn cleaner. Perhaps, seeing someone else on the working end of it. We inherited a built in vacumn. I swear, that hose is going to be the death of me one day. I'm constantly tripping over it and it's heavy to lug around. Beats having dustbunnies procreating in the corners though.

  16. My cousin has one, thank God. She has three huge dogs and lives in 800 square foot home. I love your floors. Cement with a sealer?

  17. I hated vacuuming too so I bought a robot to do it. Your Shark looks cool, but I love my Roomba. I turn it on and leave the room, it's awesome. I will say my cat sometimes sabotages it by dragging her toys to be sucked up, but other than that, hassle free! Plus, like the Jetsons, I have a robot like the future always promised!

  18. An American in Tokyo11/17/14, 6:35 PM

    I hate vacuuming, too. My bird tends to drop (throw?) seeds all over the place! Even five minutes after I just vacuumed!

    If you want to see something funny and cute, search youtube for Roomba and prairie dog. There's one video with bossa nova music and it's hilarious!

  19. Use a brush to remove it instead of using a vacuum cleaner, unless you have a super powerful vacuum cleaner. I find that brush is strong enough, give it a go!