Saturday, May 2, 2015

Saturday encore ~ Porch Drama

There was a knock at my office door Tuesday morning. Johnny went over to answer it. 

Good thing Smooch wasn't on indoor patrol or our guest would have run off immediately from all the barking.

Johnny: Can I help you?

Squirrel: No. Just passing through.

Johnny: Wow. Two guests in one day. This might be a record.

I loved that Johnny stood perfectly still and didn't scare them off.

It gave us a chance to watch Squirrel #2 bitch-slap Squirrel #1. 

Johnny: That was kind of nutty.

I waited a few minutes to give the squirrels a head start, then let Johnny outside to investigate.

He wisely decided to not get in the middle of the drama.


  1. yes cats can remain motionless for hours just watching their pray... until the latter has completely forgotten about them. I like the sweet comments you gave to Johnny in this post

  2. You had me at "bitch slap"....I was lol'ing all over!

  3. Johnny's still doing his job. Cat patrol! Great pics!

  4. Too funny, glad you captured the moment.

  5. Too funny. Johnny looks like a pretty good size cat in height.
    glad the visitors got a head start.