Friday, May 1, 2015


 I caught up with George and Alan, just after they'd finished their dinner and took a bath.

They prefer dust baths to the wet kind.

 And this is why it is pointless to brush a burro. 

Lucy: What a couple of slobs.


  1. A dust bath! I felt like that after I swept up the winter dust and dirt on my patio. I wasn't all that happy about my bath in the dust.

  2. How do you groom them, if at all?

    1. When George and Alan start to shed, which should be in about a month, I'll curry them until my arm falls off, and sometimes I'll just brush them because it's fun, but otherwise they're self-groomers. Lucy gets a full grooming every time we saddle up.

  3. Oh I'm so glad you wrote this. As a horse owner I always feel a little guilty about not grooming my donkey, but she is truly a walking carpet and loves to embed herself with earth. I use a plastic garden rake on her to remove loose hair this time of year. She loves it. I suggest, if it's windy out and you have lotion on, that you use a rake. They love it and the hair doesn't get on you as precisely.

  4. But do they poof when they walk?

  5. pointless..... kind of how I feel about making my bed.....