Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A peaceful, easy weekend

 What's not to love about a three-day weekend with just the right amount of rain?

Grumpy, Mopey and Droopy went underground until next spring, 
and Gimpy is a little less so.

 His slow and measured gait gives him lots of time to stop and smell the flowers.

Lucy and I got in a couple of great rides in between the weekend storms. I keep reminding her that
the longer we ride, the longer it will be before she has to start wearing the dreaded grazing muzzle.
She seems ok with that arrangement.

The rest of the weekend was a comfortable balance of chore time and play time.
The laundry room got painted, the chicken coop got organized for the new girls,
who will be arriving mid-June, and the jungle front yard got thinned...

...though I may need to keep working on that. It's hard enough keeping track of five hens
amongst all the bushes. What fun it will be when there are eight.


  1. Lovely post. And Hank found Evening Primrose in his garden.

  2. Lucy will ride every day to escape the grazing muzzle. Hank is loving the tasty grass clumps. Thank you for the serene and beautiful post.

  3. Beautiful shots. What on earth are you going to do with that many eggs?

    1. I have no idea. It's already so bad that I give them out to anybody who drives down the road.

  4. I'm glad all of the dwarfs are feeling better and I can't wait to see the new girls.

  5. Got all your chores ( and then some) done and found time to take beautiful pics...love these

  6. Wow! 8 hens! will you have eggs coming out your ears or what?! We'll have to share some egg recipes.

  7. Those bushes must offer a lot of protection from sun and aerial predators, though. Your girls don't know how good they have it!

  8. Wow, you make it see so wonderful!! I love those pics, if there was any doubt before there is none now!! Thanks!!

  9. An American in Tokyo5/26/15, 6:04 PM

    Sounds so peaceful! And your photos are so beautiful, as always. =)

    I heard that some people mix eggs in with their dog's food? Maybe Smooch would like some extra protein in her diet?

  10. can eggs be frozen? in pre-omelet mix maybe? what about putting a table with a sign outside the main gate? or finding a town market where you could sell them once a week? Dont forget to inform and warn Johnny. 8 hens, that is a whole armada! maybe you could consider getting Johnny a helmet and a shield (with a little cape!)