Thursday, May 21, 2015

Gimpy, Grumpy, Mopey, and Droopy

The herd got their spring vaccinations on Saturday and, as usual,
Lucy, George and Alan are feeling the after effects...or maybe they just miss Ethel.

Droopy is walking around with his head lowered and 
a lump on his neck at the injection site.

 Mopey is generally listless,

 and Grumpy isn't helping matters by spreading her ill will to whomever will listen.
Since this happens with the donkeys every stinkin' year, I don't panic anymore,
but I still worry and fuss over them until they're back to normal.

Meanwhile, Gimpy's knee has been bothering him for a week, 
probably because of the wet weather we've been having.

 Everybody is confined to the corral until he's feeling better.
When Hank's not happy, nobody's happy.

Johnny: I'm not getting near any of them. Call me Scaredy.


  1. I hate the knot at the injection site. I give my animals their shots in October and the lump stays on the goats until December.

  2. Awww, when they're not happy, I'm not happy either. Poor babies. Hope tomorrow brings cheerier times!

  3. Tis' the week-end for WATERMELON! Cures most ills,now available in most areas and puts a smile on those grumpy faces!!

  4. Good thing Hank's knee problem coincided with the vaccinations - maybe the donkeys won't mind confinement while they're feeling poopy. GET BETTER HANK!!!

  5. I have a geriatric horse and lately we have been splitting up his vaccinations and giving some iv or oral banamine at the time of the injections. This has helped him greatly. Don't know much about donkeys though.

  6. Watermelon sounds wonderful!! It's probably the weather cause I feel mopey,too... I swear I have been cold since November. Big hugs for all!

  7. Hope everyone is one the mend soon. Sad to see them sad.

  8. And have you ever thought why you are doing this every year? Are your critters trying to tell you this is not good for them - too many vaccines? Have you ever wondered why animals get them every year and we do not?

    Have you heard of nosodes instead? Here is a great website and a great Vet as a possible option to consider.

    Susan in Montana

    1. I was going to ask the same thing? Dogs don't need yearly shots anymore. The AVMA approved the 3 year protocol a while back. I don't even do them that often, except rabies of course because it is the law. After the initial puppy shots to build immunity, I titer to check levels. I only vaccinate again if the titer says I must.

    2. My vet and I have had the vaccine discussion many times and always come back to the same conclusion - the diseases that the spring shots protect against are a real threat in New Mexico, and we're trading off a few days of droopiness for possible serious illness/death. We've cut out flu/rhino shots for the donkeys since they aren't in contact with other equines except Hank, and they get their rabies shot every other year. Unless the AAEP protocols change, I'm afraid the spring shots are a necessary evil.

  9. Gimpy is not an adequate condition for Hank El Hermoso - get well soon, everybody!

  10. They will be back to their chipper selves soon. Alan will lead the way of course :)

  11. Reminds me of when my goats were vaccinated. One of my pygmy goats, Sally, would be the most dramatic. She would run and run and run, then fall out, pretend she was dead after her shot. Cracked us up every time. Have a wonderful Memorial Weekend. I am off to Santa Cruz Beach.

  12. An American in Tokyo5/21/15, 5:46 PM

    Aww, that picture of "Droopy" reminds me of Eeyore! Doesn't Eeyore usually walk around like that, with his head down?

    I hope everyone is feeling better soon! Sending hugs over the internet! =)

  13. LOL I love your post.
    Hope all the babies are better today. Can't be having everyone gimpy, grumpy, mopey and droopy. That's no fun.
    Have a great day!