Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Wake-up call

I saw a pile of sleeping donkeys out my window, so I grabbed the camera 
and tiptoed outside to take a few pictures.

Alan saw me coming...

...but Lucy and George didn't, not at first anyway.

Then George opened an eye and I must have scared the hell out of him.
Think jack in the box.

George: That was very rude.

George: I may never speak to you again.

As Lucy gathered herself to stand, George prepared to get out of her way.

Those flopping ears of hers can leave a bruise.

It was now obvious to Alan that naptime was over, but Lucy had other concerns.

Lucy: Please photoshop my bed-head before you post this picture.


  1. smiling now, thanks for the morning wake up laugh

  2. Lucy and I look similar this morning.

  3. Nice to see that Lucy is included in their nap time. She was an outsider for awhile. Love the pics, bad hair and all.

  4. It looks like a much more peaceful wakeup call than the ones around here. May a trade my three dogs for your three donkeys? :)

  5. Oh, sweet Lucy girl! I have yet to be able to sneak up on my boys while they are napping. They jump up every single time.

  6. It always amazes me when I watch our donkeys sleeping how they can possibly rest the weight of their heads on their noses like that!

  7. Poor Lucy. I think you should let her sleep in tomorrow. I think holding those ears at attention must take a lot of energy.

  8. I love these guys so much!!

  9. First time I see them all three napping together. oh and Lucy's bed-head is so funny! don't tell her of course!

  10. An American in Tokyo3/25/15, 6:51 PM

    Lucy, the cutie! I loved the pic where she is all sprawled out! ha ha

  11. They're too cute. I too like the one where Lucy is sprawled out.