Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sunday leftovers

Winter came back to New Mexico on Thursday, not in a Boston or Buffalo way, 
but in a "stop the construction and keep the contractors at home until the snow melts" kind of way.
Oh well. I consider it penance for the freakishly mild temperatures of February.

When I know a storm is coming, I close the back doors of the barn 
and confine everybody to the corral and small pasture near the house–
the better to keep an eye on them and vice versa. 

The confinement lasts until I cave in to their demands for freedom, which is usually about 24 hours.

Lucy went rabbit hunting the moment I turned her loose.

The rabbit went down his hole the moment Lucy got too close.

 He's got bigger things to worry about than Lucy, judging by the coyote prints
and yellow snow next to his front door.

I don't want you to leave this page thinking about yellow snow,
so here's a picture of Hank.


  1. love the night shot and the one of lucy with the rabbit.. yummy leftovers

  2. One day it will be spring. A flower or two would make my day. Hope your snow goes away soon.
    We still have a month or so to get rid of the white stuff. I guess the coyote was marking his territory.
    This is my rabbit!

  3. The snow really lets you know what's been going on while you slept peacefully.

  4. Ahhh winter. Waiting for us like a coyote waits for a rabbit in a hole. Aunt Jean

  5. Sunday leftovers! I agree about the night shot. Kind of perfect.

  6. I would move the yellow snow far away from the bunny's hoe so that the coyotes won't find him!

  7. Has your pack of coyotes moved on?

  8. I think so...except for the occasional loner who stalks the bunny holes.

  9. An American in Tokyo3/1/15, 8:17 PM

    Thank you! I appreciate the last photo wasn't of yellow snow but Handsome Hank! ha ha!