Saturday, February 28, 2015

Saturday encore ~ Pin a tail on Alan

Alan's is a sad tail – short, tattered, uneven.

Some would call it stubby. I don't think anyone is chewing on it. It's just naturally flawed.

George's tail is long and lush by burro standards,

and I love how his dorsal stripe extends all the way to the end.

Lucy's tail is fairly typical for a donkey, covered with short, coarse body hair except for a tuft at the end.

Donkey tails are worlds apart from horse tails. Hank's tail sweeps the ground and is thick and luxurious.
Maybe he'd be willing to sacrifice a few strands so I could make some extensions for Alan,
sort of a locks-for-love program for equines.

Pig tails are in a class by themselves.

Sometimes Johnny's tail is in a different zip code than the rest of his body.
I've never seen such a long tail on a cat.

Smooch's tail wags so much, she can sweep the porch one section at a time.

So while Alan's tail may be nothing to write home about, he more than makes up for it with his
adorable ear tufts and eyebrows. And don't get me started on those flaring nostrils.


  1. I adore the shot of Smooth's sweeping tail!

  2. It looks to me like maybe Alan's tail was injured at one time--frostbite, ot broken? I think I read that it takes something like six years for a single tail hair to grow back--so please don't steal Hank's! 😀

  3. My favorite part of Alan is his eyes and the markings around his eyes.. his face has such character, so the tail matters not.. i truly enjoyed your Tale of Tails... Jakes tail is famous for making bruises on my legs.

  4. This is such a fun post. Love the tale of the tails.
    Side note.....Albuquerque finally got snow. Yikes

  5. I love how everyone was represented here! That last picture is wonderful.

  6. An American in Tokyo3/1/15, 8:18 PM

    Very educational! =)

  7. Fabricio cabrera3/11/16, 8:51 PM

    How did you grow george's tail