Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sunday leftovers

 Mother Nature can be such a tease. Smack dab in the middle of our cold and snowy winter,
up pops a sunny, windless, 70-degree, go-outside-without-a-jacket, take-pictures-without-gloves,
drink-a-beer-on-the porch kind of Saturday. I needed that.

 Lucy must sense the approaching spring. She's getting ready to put the moves on George,

who, of course, will ignore her, sweet and innocent boy that he is.

Earlier in the week when it was still winter, I baked my favorite bread recipe 
in a cast iron dutch oven, instead of my usual way on a pizza stone.

There's no going back. The loaf plopped right out of the pot.
If you weren't around when we baked bread together back in 2010, 
here's the link to making the 3-ingredient no-need-to-knead dough, 
and another link on how to bake it the next day. 
If I can bake bread, anybody can bake bread. Try it. It will lift you out the winter doldrums. Promise.
Here's a link to the dutch-oven method using the same recipe. (Thanks, Clair!)


  1. Love the pictures of your cast of characters! Adorable... all of them. Also plan to check out your bread recipe. Thanks!

  2. The nice thing about making your own bread ... you know exactly what is in it and it doesn't have all that added crap in it that you get from grocery store fake bread! However, if you EVER come across any of Dave's Killer Bread, Non-GMO Verified and has the logo on it ... try it! Dave's is definitely killer bread and it is sooooo doggone good -- pricey but good!!

    We're having the really good weather up here in So. CO, too! Hugs ... Marcia in CO

  3. Uh-oh, you'll be making that bread again and again and again. It's really too good. And don't even think about bread pudding with the leftovers.

  4. I baked bread with you and loved the ease of making it, the smell of baking it, and the taste. I used your link above to read about the dutch oven method and ended up reading a lot of the comments, too. One person commented that she uses an old Crockpot insert instead of a dutch oven. I have an old Crockpot the same size as a dutch oven and will have to try it. It got up to 70 degrees here yesterday, too. We had to get out of the house so we took a ride in the 1966 Mustang convertible my husband restored. We had the top down - in February!!

  5. I'm salivating at that hot bread, bring on the butter! I know what you mean about this fabulous weather. Here in Albuquerque, we hiked The Volcanoes in the morning and grilled steaks in the afternoon as we enjoyed our patio. NM is such a tease when we are close to Spring.

  6. That's looks so yummy!

  7. what a gorgious loaf! must try

  8. I was around....I bake your bread often. I refer to it as "Carson's" bread....we love it. Must give the new method a go . I don't think I want to risk my Creuset pot...must try to find an old cast iron dutch oven... perhaps the fishing shop or Canadian tire will have one.....

  9. Comments not working right for me so hopefully this won't post too many times. Can you send some 70 degree weather to NJ. My husband makes that bread in a pot too! Comes out great every time and never lasts long in our house.

  10. Oh lovely post! The most beautiful animals!-- now completed with bread smelling thru the air ! The best-have a great day!--Rain