Saturday, February 21, 2015

Saturday encore ~ The waiting is over

Four years ago, Lucy came into my life. I can remember her arrival like it was yesterday. 


To put this day into perspective, first you must stare at the view below for four hours:

That's how long I sat in my chair out at the barn until I finally saw this:

This is the part where you start jumping up and down, race out to the gate, and have happy tears 
start running down your face. We'll fast forward through the unloading and the listening to the transporter 
who talked verrrry slowwwwly when all I wanted to do was send him on his way 
so I could lead Lucy to the corral to meet her brothers.

She immediately dropped and rolled for a dust bath...

...then everybody checked each other out. All in all, it has been beautifully uneventful. 
Lucy will stay on her side of the fence and the boys on their side for a few days, 'cause that's just the way I am, 
but there has been no squealing or squabbling so far. Lucy is exploring the corral, 
hoovering up any hay she finds, rolling in every fresh patch of dirt, and otherwise being adorable.

I know everybody is going to get along just fine.

Not sure what Hank was saying to Lucy here...

...but George did his best to eavesdrop.

Smooch wasn't quite sure what to make of Miss Lucy.

Alan and George literally could not take their eyes off her.

Me, neither.

When Lucy got a good glimpse of the porcine princess, it was enough to make her spit out her drink.

Lucy: What in heaven's name is that??
George: You don't want to know.

George used Lucy's shock and awe over Wynonna to his advantage and tried to steal a kiss.

 It was a pretty awesome day.


  1. Wow, 4 years! Time sure flies.

  2. Happiest four years of both of your lives, I'll bet.

  3. What a wonderful post! Awesome photo journal entry this morning. I so enjoyed it.

  4. I, too, remember so very well... and how crazy happy I was to read this post...
    Is this strange?: Here I am, a city dweller, with my lifelong unfulfilled dream of living "in a remote, small mountain log cabin on a remote, small mountain lake, with a dog, a horse, a burro, a cat and any other animal that happens to drop in and wishes to stay," feeling happy, as in HAPPY!, about Lucy's arrival at *your* remote place... :) Here's to many more happy years with Miss Lucy! And greetings to Lucy's former "mom" - I hope she still enjoys visiting with Lucy through your blog.

  5. It was just yesterday for me too. Four years ago passes so fast. Can't believe it!
    She is such a beautiful addition to your family ranch. Great story!

  6. great story.. how long have you had the other two

  7. What a great review. Enjoyed it just as much as the first time.

  8. I love it when new bloggers I am following throw in a little history. Your photos made me smile.

  9. Has it been 4 years already???!!!! Times flies when you are having fun :) Happy Lucy Anniversary to everyone out there at 7MSN

  10. hahaha I laughed so much at the starring 4 hours!!! nearly did it! then George stealing a kiss! these are wonderful memories that put a smile on our faces. Thanks Linda

  11. Ou 4 years, that is the same time, that I have ouned my first horse. Years before that I just keep running with other peoples horses. It was a great moment when he came into my life. But Lucy is so sweet, understand why the boys look at her so closely :) and 4 ours of waiting....time must been gone so slowly....

  12. Oh man, I remember this day! And the waiting!! And the excitement when she got there. Such a happy time. :-)
    My very first wonderful trip to 7MSN was just a few weeks later...

  13. Sweet, sweet Lucy. The agony of the wait was so worth it. I know you are anxious for the weather to allow riding the trail together again.

  14. An American in Tokyo2/23/15, 5:33 PM

    Happy 4th Anniversary!!
    Looking forward to seeing many more adventures with Lucy!!

  15. So cute. :) I hadn't realised till I saw these again that Lucy is actually greying out like a grey horse would. I thought she was just a dappley version of a donkey grey like George.

  16. Cute. Lucy is pretty the boys will be fighting for her attention.