Monday, February 16, 2015

A welcome distraction

 It was around 9 o'clock Sunday morning. Hank and his posse had finished their breakfast
and were headed out to the back 40 to munch on dead grass until lunchtime.

 Hank may be older and slower, but he can still keep the herd in line...

 ...most of the time. George and Alan are easily distracted.

 The distraction moved off, and they fell back in line to resume the procession.

Here is the distraction. He has been hanging out with us for the past week.
Maybe he's Junior, maybe he's not. Of course I like to think he is.

 George, Alan, and Lucy headed straight for him, but he ran off when we got too close.

 Pronghorn are an endless fascination for some of us,

 For others?

Not so much.


  1. I'd like to think it was Junior as well. Coming back for a little visit because he liked it chez toi!

  2. I think it is, what other pronghorn hangs out by himself or feels comfy enough to be in your "yard" all week? It's him letting you know he is fine.

  3. Alan and George remind me of Ry. It is only a momentary thing but "hey did you see that bird"? What were we talking about. tee hee

  4. nice proghorn company. maybe he came to drink or eat and say hello

  5. Makes me think of the dog in the movie despicable me. ..... squirrel ;o)

  6. An American in Tokyo2/18/15, 7:39 PM

    Oh Junior!! I hope it is and if so, glad he is doing well and coming to visit!!