Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sunday leftovers

 The last round of snow is melting. We know this because of the mini-avalanches that occur
throughout the afternoon as the roof heats up. Imagine the sound of a gorilla walking across a metal roof.
That's what a mini-avalanche sounds like. The noise scares the bejesus out of Smooch. And me.

 Alan does not like to stand in the snow.

 He will seek out bare ground, no matter who might be in his way.

 Johnny spends much of his time in the feed room during cold, snowy weather,
emerging occasionally to stretch and catch some sun. 
He is acutely aware that coyotes could be around any corner.

 So are the chickens. They're not strutting their stuff as much as they usually do,
preferring to huddle inconspicuously in the bushes. Smart girls.

 George was about to say something to whomever was approaching from the rear.
It was probably Lucy.

Ears speak louder than words.

 Inside, Smooch and I reviewed my to-do list for the rest of the weekend. 
The materials arrived to re-cover the half walls in the office and the kitchen.

I'd show them to you now but that would spoil all the fun for the big reveals.


  1. can't wait to see the new look on the half walls. love the ears back talking. and a gorilla? yowsa

  2. We have those avalanches off the roof of our indoor arena. Good check for seat security!

  3. no email to send this so hope you will copy and paste this link.. you need one of these.

  4. Wish the snow would melt at our place. Alas another couple of months to wait. Sigh! Great photos, as always!

  5. Nice catch on that flying snow.

  6. Got some melting going on here too. Light fluffy snow. Maybe three inches total overnight on Friday. Lingering, but all gone from trees and bushes, and roads.

    Hope the coyote abatement measures hold up. Great pictures. JCC such a great stretcher. Smooch so patient.

  7. Have the coyotes been in evidence since the shot heard round the ranch?

    1. Just once - yesterday afternoon. The second I opened the front door to haze them off, they saw me and scattered. Maybe they've figured out a bad-ass lives here?

    2. An American in Tokyo1/26/15, 1:01 AM

      Yeah, I hope so! ha ha!

    3. An American in Tokyo1/26/15, 1:02 AM

      How did you get Smooch to sit like that, or was she looking at something??