Monday, January 26, 2015


I always try to make Monday's post a good one. More readers come to visit on Mondays
than on other days of the week, so I like to make it worth their while. 
Usually I've taken a pile of pictures over the weekend, 
and somewhere in the mix is a decent story or two to share. 
Do you smell an excuse coming for a sub-par Monday post?

I got so wrapped up in the whole wall-covering d-i-y project 
that I took precious few non-project-related photos.

It was almost dinner time Sunday evening when I realized the error of my ways,
so I took the camera with me when I headed out to find the herd. The light was perfect.

Everybody was wondering where I'd been all day. Their eyes glazed over as I described 
in excruciating detail the measuring and cutting and spraying and attaching and tool-making 
and eureka moments when Dad chimed in with some helpful hints. 
See? Your eyes are probably glazing over now, too.
I'll post the big reveal pictures tomorrow. The project is almost done, 
and it looks pretty stinkin' cool, if I do say so myself.


  1. I'm sure the rest would agree, if you ever feel like you don't have a good post, videos would be very welcomed . But seriously, I haven't seen a bad post yet. I can't wait to see the big reveal.

  2. what i think is pretty stinkin cool is how you got 3 donkeys in one small shot spot... cant wait to see the new walls. and Smooch is worth coming here all by herself.

  3. Alexander (the Great)1/26/15, 6:56 AM

    I can't wait to see the wall, but I love seeing smooch and the herd.

  4. I love that your dad weighed in!
    Looking forward to the pictures.

  5. I came here by way of Arkansas Patti (who never comments on your blog). lol
    Nice pictures in a great setting. I love NM and I wish I had your seclusion for my chickens.
    Wonderful week to you.

  6. It's not sub par, and my eyes did not glaze over. The photos are absolutely wonderful. Love it!

  7. Nothing sub par about this post - those photos are gorgeous!

  8. Three of your four hooved creatures appear to be recreating an all equine design of The Musicians of Bremen.

  9. How wonderful to hear from Dad. Cannot wait to see the finished project. Aunt Jean

  10. Just visited for the first time. Love your photos and since I love all critters, I'm sure I will be back.

  11. you have us hanging here in expectation of your DIY project!

  12. An American in Tokyo1/26/15, 6:15 PM

    Ooooo, is the first picture a clue?!?!
    Can't wait until tomorrow!!

  13. I don't know how anyone could be unhappy with this Monday post. The light is gorgeous, as are they all.

  14. Glimpses of NM are what bring me back any day of the week. Well that and your wonderful sense of humor of course.