Thursday, December 4, 2014

Who doesn't like a peppermint? George, that's who.

I walked out to the barn with a handful of peppermints.
I don't often share my candy with the herd, so they were all a bit skeptical at first.

It smelled good enough for Hank's ear to perk up,

and judging by the number of times he licked his lips, 
I think it's safe to say that peppermint is the new watermelon.

George took way too long trying to decide whether or not to eat his,

so Alan decided for him.

Hank came up from behind for seconds, wrapping his head around me 
while George continued his deliberations.

Me: Eat the damned thing already!

George gave it a few licks but was still undecided and spit it out.

Me: Oh for the love of all things holy, you're an equine! How can you not like peppermints?
George: Let me try it again. Maybe I spit too soon.

The dirt wouldn't brush off on my jeans, 
so I rinsed the peppermint in the stock tank before proceeding,

which Lucy found hysterical given that they eat off the ground all the time.

Me: Ready to try again?

George: Now it smells like fish poop.

Me: @#$%^&!*&.  I give up.

Meanwhile, Lucy continued to savor hers...

...and Alan offered me a stick in trade for another.


  1. One of my human herd doesn't like them either. He says they taste like toothpaste.

  2. Oh my...they are something else, and Lucy's ears say it all: "HAAAAAPPY CAMPER!" I love Hank's head over your shoulder, how adorable, like, "Hi! Ahem....don't happen to have any more, do ya? Just askin'." I needed the smiles you all gave me on a day I have to take my dog in for surgery.

  3. There is always one in the bunch. I don't like anise flavored stuff -- like licorise.

    Nice way to sneak a fish report in .... how's he doin ?

    M in NC

  4. I'll have to try that with my 5! I already know Gigondas, my chestnut thoroughbred, doesn't like peppermints, but I've never tried them with the rest.
    Cheryl Ann

  5. Just crinkling the cellophane wrapper would used to make my mare run to me. Num Num Num

  6. great story.. hee haw hee haw

  7. Actually, Adorable Alan is asking you to smear peppermint on the stick so it is then a large peppermint stick.
    Mick- Deer Island, Or

  8. That's okay George, Ry and I don't like um either.

  9. I wonder if Fish likes peppermint.

  10. Oh I was just wondering how your fish was doing! Glad to see the orange glob in the tank!

  11. Picture perfect story, Lucy obviously needs many more! My horse Major doesn't like them either, or watermelon, so I already know he's weird...but he'll eat an entire lemon or grapefruit...

  12. Lucy rocks! George will kindly have his watermelon now. Thanks ever so much.

  13. I just love Lucy's laugh and so adorable.

  14. is never dull at your place....

  15. Too cute! My horses always love cheap white bread as a treat.

  16. love the big stick Alan is offering you for another candy!

  17. I loved so much about this post. The scrunched noses, the airplane ears, Fish. But that peppermint in the dirt spoke right to me. Thanks for all you do for all of us.

  18. An American in Tokyo12/4/14, 5:02 PM

    Nice to see Fish is doing well! He's so big now!

    I tried giving a peppermint to one of the young mares at my riding club. She took it right away, but then spit it out. I guess some equines just don't like peppermint! George, too! ;)

  19. Jackson hates peppermints too. Silly equines.

  20. I saw a little girl give her horse a handful of "Smarties" the other day. Toxic, perhaps but her best pal loved them. He couldn't get enough.

  21. I want to know...who got the one in the dirt? Hank? Lucy or Alan?

  22. I never kew such a thing was possible! Was it an off-brand, not up to George's standards?? lol