Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Smooch vs. the haystack

After four months of eating nothing but pasture, Lucy and the boys have resumed eating hay. 
It will take awhile to use up all the bales piled on the back porch, 
but I've finally made a dent in the stack.

Smooch likes the elevated view.

She can keep an eye on all the gaps...

...and stalk mice from her warm and comfy spot in the sun.

The new arrangement comes with a price, however.

There's that itchy-all-over feeling when hay gets stuck in places you didn't know you had.

And who hasn't walked across a haystack and not had a leg or two fall through?

Now if I could only harness the energy Smooch uses hopping on and off the stack 
to help me move bales to the barn...


  1. Ah yes, another job before winter. The colors are fab in these pics. Smooch is almost the same color as the bales. BA SP

  2. I love to see Smooch's ripply muscles. Such a healthy strong girl.

  3. Such a good Guard Girl! GRrrrrr!

  4. I love that you store your bales on the back porch! I knew a lady that had her tack room attached to her family room. An excellent idea if you love and have cats. JCC, the man for the job!

  5. How adorable

  6. I can almost feel the sunshine! Smooch is always busy on high alert, such a lover :-)

  7. ((Raising my hand high in the air)) Me!!! Yeah, that would be me, the one who ALWAYS loses a foot or leg into the hay gaps. No matter how careful and graceful I try to be, it's just inevitable.
    Solidarity, Sister Smooch.

  8. Theres potential snacks in that there bales! ;)

  9. I was never a fan of hard peppermint candies either but, my husband brought home these soft ones from Costco and I can't stop eating them. Glad to see Fish is still swimming. I was wondering about him.

  10. An American in Tokyo12/4/14, 5:03 PM

    Maybe you can train Smooch to pull bales?! ha ha!!