Tuesday, December 23, 2014

It's just a number, or so I keep telling myself

Hank and I celebrated our birthdays on Sunday. He turned 21. I did not.
In the time-honored Walter White family/Breaking Bad tradition, 
my breakfast spelled out my age (in green chile instead of bacon).

Google was the first one to acknowledge my birthday, which was kind of creepy,
but the rest of the day was one highlight after another.

The weather was gorgeous and I spent many hours in the pasture with my friends,
 then Lucy took me down the road for a lovely ride.

The Birthday Fairy made a surprise visit for the second year in a row
this time shipping an entire birthday party in a box!
I invited Smooch to the party. Johnny was there in spirit.

This card admonished me to celebrate and not be a candy ass on my birthday.

There was party food...

and all sorts of cool gifts...

...say nothing of LED balloons!

Smooch: Might there be something in the box for me?

Hell yeah!

The Birthday Fairy knows the direct route to Smooch's heart
and sent her a new Bret Michaels brand dog toy.
(I finally googled why Bret Michaels has his own line of pet products...here's why.)
I'm here to tell you that his toys really do rock, according to Smooch.

Smooch: You should have birthdays more often.
Me: Bad idea.

Thank you, Birthday Fairy, for making a potentially painful, milestone birthday the best ever.


  1. Happy birthday to both of you!


  2. Happy belated birthday, one year closer to retirement!

  3. Happy Birthday! 40 is fun, 5 is fabulous and 60 is sensational!! :)

  4. Happy Birthday, Linda and Hank! I mean, Birthdays. I hope you danced around together and one of you ate chocolate truffles. I'm a few years ahead of you & I survived that big icky b'day -- you'll ace it. Besides, you have friends in the right places (the stable & yard)!

  5. Happy Birthday!
    Now I have to know why Bret Michaels has a pet products line.

    Yesterday, someone shared this web page with me. So, for your birthday I am sharing it with you

    1. What a great collection of chile recipes! Thanks!

  6. Happy Birthday! My sixies weren't that outstanding for change-- think fifties stretched ;)

  7. Happy Birthday, you spring chicken you. 60 seems so young to me now. Enjoy!! Aunt Jean

  8. I just checked out the Bret Michael's link. I think Smooch and Johnny would look great in the do rag and sun glasses. I'm not sure if Smooch is the cowboy hat kinda girl. Ha! I want a picture of the whole gang in sunglasses and do rags! lol

  9. Happy Birthday to you and Hank! Numbers, add them together. You are six this year. You are a solstice baby. Love it.

  10. Happy Birthday Carson! I had a hard time wrapping my brain around being sixty: I still can't wrap my brain around being sixty and I'm sixty-seven!

  11. Happy Birthday to you and Hank.

  12. Happy Birthday, both of you!

  13. No way are you 60!!! Wow ... you look great!! Someone loves you for sure to send you Garden of Eatin' chips ... see if you can find Beanito's, too. Being Non-GMO Verified, they are not only good for you, they are DELISH to eat!! I wished you Happy Birthday on FB ... but need to wish Hank his Happy Birthday on here! Hugs from Marcia in CO

  14. Happy Birthday, Cowgirl. (Google did that to me on my birthday, too)

  15. Happy Belated Birthday to you and Hank! I know I told you Happy Birthday on the "real" day, but I forgot Hank! Gasp! And I even looked at my calendar and made note of the date! I need assistance. Reckon one of your critters wants to volunteer?

  16. Happy 60th to you!!!! I am approaching 50, so 60 is like the new 40; yeah, somewhere right in that general area. Have a wonderful Christmas!

  17. Happy Birthday, young-at-heart-and-mind Linda! Love your Bday box! and the paper is great too! Does the B'day Fairy sends boxes to Europe too? Pumpkin chips I hope they come here too

  18. Michelle from Vancouver12/23/14, 10:12 AM

    Happy belated B-day from the west coast of BC.

  19. Happy Birthday to Carson and Hank !
    Love the B'day party in a box :) .... looks like it was stuffed with lots of interesting goodies. You will have to give us a few reviews

    I have a similar spatula .. used it today at lunch time.
    Non-stick and flexible is a good combination.
    After the first spatula started to fail, we replaced it with the same one because it is so handy (ooops ... pun).
    The failure was that one of the flexible corners broke off and exposed the metal edge.
    So it was retired to the box of 'tools and stuff' on the porch. It will still have some use, just not cooking in the kitchen.

    M in NC

  20. Happy Birthday! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    I think I have them all covered now. Wishing you and the gang a great holiday season.

  21. God bless the Birthday Fairy for being so thoughtful, including a toy-for-Smooch! I love giving presents so I can spot an Expert when I see one! i think your post does justice to this attention!

  22. Northern AB gal12/23/14, 1:37 PM

    Happy Belated Birthday! I've seen that number this year as well and I think my memory is the first thing to go :) Might look forward to birthdays if I had a Birthday Fairy like yours, lol.

  23. Happy Birthday!
    And Auxiliary Happy Birthday to Smoochie Girl. :-)

  24. Mmmm...eggs and grits and chiles...a perfect start to your special day!

    The balloon!! The BALLOON!!!! It looks so cool! We could totally run around in the dark with those! And, bonus prize, I can see you in the mirror. :-)

    And well, that Smooch pic answers the question I had. Looks like the bandana stayed on until the first good shake. Next time I'll stitch it on. :-)

    1. The balloon! I blew up one and am saving the rest for our next midnight trek to the back 40. It was supposed to last for 15 hours, but here it is – 48 hours later – and still glowing! There's the tiniest LED bulb inside, at the end opposite from where you blow. Too stinkin' cool. Thanks again, BF!
      p.s. The TJ's half-dipped kona cookies? I have no words.

    2. we love all your special acronimic codes LC!

  25. An American in Tokyo12/23/14, 6:53 PM

    I'm glad that you had a party with such wonderful gifts! Those LED balloons are too cool!

    (In case I don't get online, Merry Christmas a little bit early, too!)

  26. Loved reading all these comments...Happy Birthday to Hank and you!! What a fantastic day you spent at the 7MSN. Remember that every birthday brings you closer to the brass ring: paid retirement :)

  27. Happy Birthday to you, Linda!! (From your biggest Norwegian fan. I mean biggest European fan. Heck, your biggest fan in the World.)

  28. Happy Birthday, Linda!...always the Younger. Hell, I go on Medicare in a couple months : )

  29. ***HAPPY BIRTHDAY*** Carson. Heck, I'll be 63 in February (Valentine's Day)...
    Cheryl Ann in CA ~Glad a good time was had by all (except Johnny Cat, who was on the outside looking in!)

  30. Awwwww!! What an amazing way to spend your day! Love that blue grits and egg breakfast.... Breakfast of champions! What a fun ride you had... Thanks for sharing just a bit with us.
    Haha! Forgot about pillow and for a second really thought JCC was on chair :-)
    That birthday fairy is someone pretty wonderful!! So kind and creative indeed.
    Happy happy birthday!!

  31. Happy Birthday to you! I think your method is even better than Walter White's bacon. Because Hatch chiles are awesome and fat free. Although bacon is easier to come by. Hmm, maybe a side of bacon would be the way to go. But enough of that -- many happy returns of the day!

  32. Happy Birthday, Handsomest Hank, and many happy&healthy more, please!

    If that birthday ride video is indicative/foreboding of the next year of your life, Carson, it'll allll be smooooth sailing for sure! Lovely job there, Lucy!!

    As of right now, I'm looking forward to C and D's next midnight trek to the back 40. With ballooooons!
    Happy Birthday, Handsomest Hank!

  33. Happy birthday! I share the same one as you and Hank! You both must be lovely people as well! :D Woo hoo!

    Ps. I think that spider toy is a bit scary even in a very un-spiderlike blue! :)

  34. Happy Belated Birthday and also a little late Merry Christmas. You can avoid the big "6-0". I just say I'm "59 plus 4". Works for me! lol