Thursday, November 13, 2014

360 degrees of Smooch

When the morning chores are done and it's too damned cold to be outside, 
I like to sit in the living room and do nothing for awhile...

...except drink coffee...

...then get up to find the camera... 

 ...because the light is too pretty to pass up...

 ...then because I'm moving around, Smooch goes on alert...

 ...and starts to worry about what she might be missing.

Smooch: May I go outside now? This is boring.


  1. She looks so ladylike with her paws crossed like that.

  2. What a wonderful sidekick!

  3. It's too cold for you (Smooch) to go outside. You'll turn tail in less than 30 seconds. Follow your Mom's lead (but skip the coffee).

  4. One of the constants of her life, clicking of camera :) Beautiful light and model.

  5. It's too damn cold to go outside here too ....-15C today ... but, there is sun.....yaaaayyyy ...

    I love her little whiskers with the light behind .....

  6. Smooch you have such a gentle look!

  7. This makes me jealous. Every time my dog sees the camera, she looks away as if it were a torture box. I like the shots you took with the equestrian gang's portraits in the background.

  8. An American in Tokyo11/13/14, 5:19 PM

    I like the photo of the side profile of Smoochie's face!
    Please give her a big hug from me. =)

  9. Sitting inside on a cold winter's day enjoying a cup of coffee after the chores are done is one of my favourite things to do too. My dog goes on high alert any time I move. She's been condemned to a life of boredom, poor girl. ;o)

  10. Smooch and all the beautiful colors of your living room :-)