Saturday, November 22, 2014

Saturday encore ~ Disbelief

This time last year, we got seven inches of snow in one weekend.
I used to think that was a lot...not anymore!


 Smooch: I can't believe how much snow is out there.

 Me: I can't believe I left the shut-off valve thingy on the spigot and I have to haul water all weekend.

Johnny: I can't believe mom had to shovel paths for me and Wynonna so we wouldn't drown.

 Wynonna: I can't believe you left me out of the 2014 calendar.
Karma's a bitch, you know.

 Alan: I can't believe you're going to try to keep up this "I can't believe" crap for the whole post.
Me: Me, neither. I'll give it a rest for awhile.

The snow started falling early Saturday evening and didn't stop until Sunday noon.
We were all pretty pissed in disbelief.

I need to teach these two how to pull a plow.

Lucy: There's something to be said for bad weather.
I can't believe how much hay you're doling out to keep us warm.

 Hank: I can't believe that drift is up past my knees.

George: I can't believe he went out there.
Alan: Keep an eye on him in case he sinks.

 George: I can't believe the lengths that boy will go to to graze.

 Hank: I can't believe you're following me around taking pictures.
Aren't your feet cold?

Me: I can't believe the snow is up to my knees and winter's still a month away.


  1. Hmmm. Yeah, same here! It's going to be a looooooong winter! Tell those donkeys that they're going to have to learn to face the same direction if they're going to learn to pull a plow. LOL That is such a cute photo! Actually, they're all just so much fun. Loved the post.

  2. I can't believe how much fun it is to see other animals and peoples hating the snow!

    Stella in Minniesnowda

  3. And I can't believe Wynonna is left out of the 2015 calendar also

  4. One minute they have grazing masks on and, the next day.... more hay than they can eat just to keep warm .... it's a conundrum....

  5. I'm with the animals! I don't like it either.