Friday, November 21, 2014

A conversation with the cat through the window

 It was getting toward the end of my work day when I spied Johnny through the window, 
perched on the porch railing.

 Johnny spied something that gave him cause for alarm.

 What could it be?

Johnny: Damned dog.

 Smooch: Damned cat.

 Johnny: You could feed me now and put an end to the drama.
Me: Or you could relax and wait another half hour until it's dinnertime.

Johnny: Can't blame a cat for trying.


  1. Love the shadows of Johnny in their own "frame"

  2. Beautiful Halloween Cat arch by Johnny. Performance art.


  3. And he will always try to bump up dinner time. They favor on demand feeding. Great pics. His coloring with the rail and the beautiful light. Just wonderful.

  4. Just like a cat, always wanting food. I have a big bowl full of food next to my cats bowls. They won't touch that food until it gets put in their bowls. They will sit next to it and cry until I fill theirs up.

  5. Johnny, so sweet, so gentle, so iconic.

  6. Johnny is a sunset all by himself!

  7. It's a shame June left so soon. JCC has got life made now. Smart feral mt. lion that he is.

  8. An American in Tokyo11/24/14, 5:40 PM

    I've never seen a cat do that arch thing in real life! How cool!