Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Expanding their horizons

Late Saturday afternoon, I gathered the herd and explained that I had a surprise in store,
if they'd like to follow me.
It was time to re-open the back 40 after three months of being closed off
due to excessive green grass.

My announcement caused a rear-end collision. 
While George and Alan sorted out who was at fault, I ran ahead and opened the gate.

This was the day they had all been anxiously awaiting...

...but someone obviously didn't get the memo.

Me: Hank, you're missing all the excitement.

He sulks when he gets left behind,

but he perked up when he saw the open gate,

and walked off to the previously lost horizon...

...in search of the herd who'd done him wrong.

The expanse of uncharted grassland took his mind off the injustices he'd suffered.

George: It's about time you got here.

And they grazed happily ever after...
until it started snowing sometime in the middle of the night
and they all came back to the barn.


  1. I love Alan's little pot belly in the second to last photo. It looks like he laid in the milk bucket.

  2. I have been an avid reader of Westerns my whole life... this one is now my favorite story

  3. A happy story!!! Much needed, thank you!

  4. The last shot reminds me of Horse Hill in Mill Valley, CA where I used to live. Peaceful equines out loose, doing what they were born to do.

  5. Gorgeous pics! Love to see them heading out into the grasslands! :)

  6. No grazing muzzles :) Open back 40 :) Snow :(

  7. Love Alan's round white belly in the next to last pic.
    Sure do envy your life, out there in the fresh air with land and animals. Not sure how I didn't end up there too.

  8. Great story! Too much green grass? Isn't that something like too much money or too much fun? Lol

  9. An American in Tokyo11/18/14, 5:29 PM

    Yay! Graze, graze, graze! Yipee!

  10. The hay and the mountains are pretty colors, and how nice the herd is together enjoying the spacious pastures.