Wednesday, November 19, 2014

At least we're not in Buffalo

The herd's weekend foray to the grasslands was short-lived. 
A snowstorm blew in and they found themselves confined to quarters until it was over.
If Hank was going to get his snow crazy on, I wanted him to be close to home.

George: Go back in the house where it's warm. We'll keep an eye on him.

Lucy kept her ears pointed downward, probably so I wouldn't have to shovel them out later on.

 Smooch complained about not being able to go outside,
at which point I showed her the next picture and told her to suck it up.

photo courtesy of Tara Schwab/Twitter
Is anyone reading this in Buffalo? Holy. Moly.
Lake effect snow is not for sissies.

Johnny found a dry spot on the porch from which to stalk birds.

When the storm was over, there was just enough snow to cover the grass...

...and give Lucy an excuse to eat tumbleweeds.


  1. The "eating prickly things" habit makes her look more like a giraffe!

  2. Snow on tumbleweeds...
    Must be like having the cornflakes already covered with milk, right out of the box...

  3. glad it stopped when it did, i love Lucy eating the icy weeds... hope that was the end of your snow for a while

  4. I do live near there. I work in Victor which is the exit before the Thruway is shut down at 46. It's still closed all the way to PA! There are still people in their cars stuck on the Thruway and we don't have any snow here. My husband has season ticket to the Bills. I told him he could forget about this Sunday's game. LOL Tis the season.

  5. I was thinking the same thing when I saw the reports about he Buffalo,area. I can't imagine that much snow!

  6. Those poor people (and animals) in Buffalo. An extended family member was stationed at Ft. Drum for a while. This was a good twenty some years ago. He would shovel driveway at home before leaving for work, come home and shovel at lunch, and then shovel again at end of work day. A veteran of the first Gulf War, don't think he minded a whole lot :) But was not unhappy to leave when his time was over.

    A niece attended the University of Akron for graduate school with the assurance that they would not get lake effect snow. It was true, but she lives in Memphis now. Had enough of the cold.

  7. Lake effect snow is definitely not for sissies! I have cousins that live there and love it. Oh well, it's not for me. We had about as much snow as you did and it's already melted. Love the pictures of Hank having fun in the snow on a previous post. But I guess it's enough to give you a heart attack watching him rear and jump.

  8. Maybe I need to move to NM after graduation. I mean retirement. You seem to get just enough snow I can handle and you cannot beat those thunderstorms! I would have to invest in some guns for all the rattle snakes you get; I would not do anything catch and release like you do. I couldnt handle lake effect snow. If I had opened my front door to that, Lord it would send me into a panic attack. It makes it hard to breath just looking at that picture! Happy Hump Day!

  9. Oh, I love the picture of the New York dog. Can anyone read his mind? I'm betting he's looking at the light and thinking, "hey, I can make out. Let me go, please. I can do it. Watch me!"
    Thanks for all you do to add smiles to my day. You and the critters are great!

  10. An American in Tokyo11/19/14, 5:32 PM

    Omigosh, I am glad that holy moly picture is not your front door! At first, I thought it was...until I looked at the dog and saw it was not Smoochie-poo! Poor thing, maybe you should let her run around outside until she gets tired of the cold and then she'll get the idea? ha ha!

  11. Crazy weather, hey? I'm feeling a whole lot better about our winter weather after seeing what's been going on in Buffalo.