Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sunday leftovers

 The fog rolled in a few times this week.

 I couldn't find the herd on these occasions...

 ...and had to resort to artsy-fartsy photos instead of my usual fare.
To my way of thinking, a photo isn't complete unless there's an animal in it...

...even if it's an unhappy animal.

This bunny is happy now but I'll bet he wasn't when something was taking a bite out of his right ear.

The noise behind the haystack emerged Saturday afternoon. Smooch warned me immediately.
I wish you all could see Smooch in action when she finds a snake, but the circumstances 
don't allow for picture-taking. She keeps a very respectful distance from the snake, barking 
her loudest, most alarming bark until I get outside. Once she knows I know where the snake is, 
she runs to the door to be let inside the house. I rope the snake and put it in the snake box...

...while Smooch watches from her safe spot.

Then I give her a treat (or two or three) and tell her what a most excellent snake spotter she is...

...then she yawns and stretches and says, "Just another day at the office."


  1. smooch you are a wonder dog taking care of your ranch... glad you know to stay far away

  2. We are most complete when we know our job and do it to the best of our abilities. The treat is our report card!

  3. It always amazes me how dogs can ferret out snakes. Snakes are so quiet. Perhaps it's their smell. They do have a reptilian odor. Anyway Smooch deserves treats for finding snakeadoodles.

  4. Smooch, what a good dog.


  5. That snake was after the little ratties that have set up housekeeping in your hay. Smooch told you about those as well. Goodness she's good at her job!!

  6. Smooch is A Good Girl! She's your helper, and she's good at it.

    As for the bunny . . . he might've been happy that it was only his ear and not some more vital part of him@

  7. Bravo Smooch ! but OMG this snake is a dangerous one with this special tail end, I can see his tongue, you better be careful, your picture is amazing but you take risks to take it, please stay on the safe side

    1. Not to worry, Carine...I was very far away using a telephoto lens.

  8. I love your entire week of photos and happenings but I really love your Sunday leftovers ... they are quite tasty!! Smooch is such a beautiful pooch and she knows her job is to protect her Mom. Marcia in CO

  9. Gah!!! Smooch, you are SUCH a good girl. I didn't know about the part where you ask to go inside after alerting your mom to the evil snake. Simply amazing, you are. <3

  10. Excellent story and photos! I wish my Pointer would just bark at snakes. She grabs them and shakes and flings them - usually in my direction : /

  11. I'm glad Smooch is on the job.

  12. Glad Smooch is on the job! That's one less snake you'll have to deal with from now on, unless it returns!

  13. An American in Tokyo10/27/14, 6:16 PM

    I love your Sunday leftovers!
    Please give Smoochie-poo some extra treats from me for being so good at ranch security! ;)