Saturday, October 25, 2014

Saturday encore ~ Smooch gets ready for Halloween

Smooch has never gone out on Halloween before, so when she asked me if we could 
throw together a costume for her this year and go beg for treats, how could I say no?

Smooch: So tell me again how this works?
Me: When we get up to the door, bark a few times, then say "trick or treat."

Me: Then give the person your most imploring look.

Me: If you're lucky, they won't try to trick you or make fun of your lame costume...

...and they'll just hand over the goods.

Smooch: I love Halloween!

Me: Then we go around the block and change costumes 
so they won't recognize you when you knock on their door again.


  1. i can't stop laughing.. love it love it love it... smooch smooch smooch to smooch

  2. Well done. I love Hallow'een too!

  3. I would totally fall for the costume change thing! TREATS to Smooch!

  4. such a pretty Halloween girl!

  5. Where are you going trick-or-treating, the barn? I can't imagine George and Alan turning over any treats, regardless of that charming smile.

  6. I admit that you made me laugh out loud!

  7. An American in Tokyo10/27/14, 6:18 PM

    Ha ha ha!! Smoocho Grouch?
    I usually get those cheap headbands with ears and hats and stuff on them and take pictures with the horses at our riding club! I'm sure they hate it when they see me coming, but I always give them extra carrots afterwards! ;)