Thursday, October 9, 2014

Obsessive compulsive cat behavior

Every time I walk out to the pasture to muzzle on/muzzle off, 
JohnnyCashCat comes along for part of the way.
I follow the same path along the back of the barn, and so does he...except for three peculiar detours.

He walks on the path until he reaches a stall door, then he zigs over 
to walk the length of the concrete threshold, then he zags back to the path,

then he zigs over to the threshold of the next stall.
Three stalls, three zigzag detours. And he does this every time he walks behind the barn.

He follows me to the edge of his self-imposed safety zone, where he sits and waits for me to return.
Then we walk back to the barn together and he zigs and zags in the opposite direction.

Door number one...

...door number two...

...door number three.
If we had a sidewalk, he'd probably step over every crack.


  1. love it love it love it... and OCD cat... only you would have one...

  2. He has become the most interesting member of your ranch. Because after all, who ever knows what a cat is thinking?

  3. I use to step over cracks, unless I was mad at my mother...
    I like how he goes with you... Your buddy :-)

  4. How odd and definitely OCD. Wonder what other things he does.

  5. That is strange, but I had a strange cat too. Every night she would jump on the bed, walk up one side of my body, jump over my head, walk down the other side of my body, then go back up, jump over my head and then back down and jump off of the bed. She did this every single night.

  6. maybe the cement is cool to his feet?

    Love your blog!

  7. these little stones of the path are painful to walk on with smooth little paws, the concrete is flatter and more paw-comfy, this cat is so wise: welove you JCC