Friday, October 10, 2014

All grown up

When I brought home Edith and Lady Mary last May, 
I was a little concerned that I would have trouble telling them apart. 

I needn't have been. They've become very distinguishable as they've matured.

Lady Mary at 12 weeks.

Lady Mary at 7 months. Her feathers are pure white, and her great big comb sticks straight up.

Edith at 12 weeks.

Edith at 7 months. Her feathers are flecked with tiny bits of black, 
and her comb over rivals Donald Trump's.


  1. 'comb over' ... hahahahaha ... love the pun!

    M in NC

  2. Their combs are lovely. In addition to the lilting feature, Edith has nice wisps that look like the wind is blowing them. Lady Mary's is more straight forward and business like!

  3. The Donald...hah! Great close-ups from the paparazzi

  4. pretty pictures of some vicious hunters :)

  5. I'm assuming that Lady Mary has a haughty, very posh cackle? :-)

  6. I'm considering chickens for pest control; but I don't know if it's worth the trouble.

  7. That's funny Lady Mary is Business like! She looks it.

  8. I think you named them correctly. Lady Mary.....prim, proper, Edith a little more "modern" with a wave in her do

  9. You must have the most amazing archives of photos! My inspiration Carson!