Tuesday, September 2, 2014

You know you live in the middle of nowhere when...

...the highlight of your long weekend is watching in awe as the grass grows and waves back at you.
But I showed you that yesterday and can't imagine you wanting to watch another video of grass growing,
so I'm going to bare my soul and tell you about the second biggest highlight of my weekend.

 George Strait was on TV Friday night. Be still my heart and push the furniture out of the way.

 When I went to George's "Cowboy Rides Away" concert with Justina and Don,
we shared more than a few laughs at the expense of the buckle bunnies in the front row
who stood up and danced through the whole show.
In the privacy of my own living room Friday night, I became one of them.
I couldn't help myself. George has that kind of effect on me.

 Smooch: Mom, sometimes you just plain scare me.

 I'm sorry, but what's not to love about a man who gives interviews
from his barn?

Alan Jackson came out to join him for a song.
If only my George and Alan could look sing like that.  *sigh*


  1. You have a wooden dance floor build right it. I have carpet and it isn't so forgiving. Keep on Dancin' BA SP

  2. When your page opened and I saw just the top of the hat, I was sure it was going to be Pharrell! ;-)

  3. I'm not really a music person, and CW music less'n'at. I'm more familiar with James Taylor's version of "She Thinks I Still Care" than with George's. But I do have to say . . . I am mightily disappointed to see that Alan's jawline has softened up in the last twenty years. Of course mine has, but still...

  4. I was watching the same concert with you. Great music and people who joined him on the stage. I was thinking if your George and Alan could of joined them on the stage....

  5. You were a Buckle Bunnie... Ha ha never heard of that. It's okay Jaime and I were recently for Luke Bryan with our boots on! Love me some George!

  6. And you didn't even invite their namesakes inside to dance with you? I'm a little disappointed at the missed blog possibilities!

  7. Carson, you are so adorable!

  8. You go, Carson. Love the faded creases in his jeans. Are those lemons in the bowl? I was trying to count them ;)

  9. You let your inner buckle bunny out! Good for you!

  10. very funny post! go ahead, we all like to have a good dance in front of a TV concert. and my cat puts on the same face as Smooch

  11. http://todayscountrymusicvideos.com/watch-george-straits-final-concert-from-the-cowboy-rides-away-tour-from-att-stadium-in-arlington-texas/

    Love George!

  12. I see Smooch has a skeptical/critical look on her face. This must not be the usual entertainment even in the middle of nowhere. You should have taped the concert, you could use it as an exercise video this winter.

  13. Lordy I love those 2 men.

  14. I knew I really was out in the middle of nowhere when the UPS man called, told me I had a package and asked me whens the next time I'll be coming out to town because he didnt think his truck could make it out...

    Two step on, sister - aint nobody watching except for the critters....

  15. gotta love a cowgirl who knows how to dance like a buckle bunny and get away with it......
    George and Alan are indeed a reason to get up and dance around.