Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Is it a caterpillar or a mustache?

This grazing muzzle business is tricky. I'm still trying to find the right ratio of muzzles on to muzzles off
so that everybody gets enough to eat. Lucy has already lost her "keg on legs" look,
so I'm removing hers three times a day so that she can self-serve breakfast, lunch and dinner.
More grazing time for her = more exercise for me since I have to go find her to remove and replace the muzzle.
My Fitbit activity log loves the idea even if I don't.

George and Alan still won't  – or can't – eat with their muzzles on, so it's 12 hours with, 12 hours without for them.
Miraculously, they have not figured out a way to rub off and/or lose their muzzles.
They were, however, rubbing off the hide on the front of their faces, and that simply would not do... everybody is now sporting a sheepskin liner on their grazing muzzle.

Alan: Is that a caterpillar on your face or have you grown a mustache?
George: I'm not sure, but it must be contagious.

As much as I hate making them wear these contraptions, George and Alan are getting in alot less trouble 
with them on. They can't steal stuff out of the back of the Ranger anymore,

 nor can they try to eat it. I take that back. They can still try, they just aren't successful.

Thankfully, the muzzles have not limited their ability to play. 
In fact, they may be playing more since there's nothing else to do.

The good thing about all of these extra trips into the pasture to take muzzles on and off... that there are many more opportunities throughout the day to take pictures.


  1. I cannot imagine the joy of owning more land than I can see from where I am standing. Once again, thank you for inviting us to see what it looks like.

  2. I need somebody to put one of those muzzles on me.

  3. George and Alan have the pitiful look down. The green stuff is still gorgeous though. And of course the NM sky.

  4. They are the cutest souls, constant delight! I love George by the Ranger -- "I can pick this thing up. I CAN do it. I just have to figure out how!" Poor babies -- life ain't easy amid so much plenty!

  5. The up side to these posts about the grazing muzzles is, I'm getting over my phobia. I can read your blog without hyperventilating now.

  6. that is a good advert: the muzzles that improve your fitbit program!

  7. I need a muzzle, but at 48 and 15 pounds...too heavy. OH WELL. I do try my best...well about half the time. I guess it could be worse. I heard today, on my way to my government all are going to have some interesting weather come your inches of rain this weekend, thunder and lightening. I told myself: SELF you gotta get outta of California and go where it rains. That would be any state other than California. I could get in my car with the weiner dog and drive 2 hours to Nevada if I hear they are going to get rain...I could be one of those crazy storm chasers...but I would be an even crazier rain chaser. I don't sound desperate do I? Happy hump day!

  8. You can cut the holes in the muzzles larger. The ones they ship with are VERY small. I have always widened to about 2 inches. They can't get a whole lot at that width, but it still lets them graze.

  9. Gosh, I think I might need to borrow one of those muzzles..LOL! What a gorgeous sky- beautiful!

  10. Muzzle on, muzzle off. Made me think of The Karate Kid: "Wax on, wax off.... Extreme work-outs and Mr. Miagi (sp) got a bright, shiny car out of the deal and YOU get two unhappy, but well proportioned Donkeys. PLUS your own private exersize routine out on the waving fields of grass with spectacular sunsets. Win!!!!