Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sunday leftovers

A collection of images left in the camera from the previous week. 

When I clean out the chickens' water tub, all the water runs downhill and so do the chickens.
They gather at the temporary stream to scratch in the mud and 
look for bugs or worms or whatever else might float by.

Lady Mary is pretty and she knows it.

I keep my camera next to my keyboard just in case something interesting happens 
outside my office door on the porch.

The front porch is the hub of much activity during the day...

...and the night. Scroll quickly past the next picture if you're afraid of spiders.

The arrow in the previous picture is pointing to this guy.
It comes out at night to catch the moths that gather when I turn on the porch light. Ewww.

This is George pouting. If he can't eat, he might as well stand in the barn being mad.

I've said this previously but it bears repeating: green is the new brown.

Lush grass and wildflowers...the summer of  '14 will be one to remember.


  1. your leftovers always amaze me. the track through the green with wild flowers is wonderful... and your chickens should have names like George Burns and Gracy Allen... to funny

  2. The meadow is beautiful. Always nice to see the activity at The MSN. I like spiders and I'm fascinated with these creatures and their webs. The one in the picture is beautiful in the black light. I'm always amazed how they quickly they spin their trap and how doesn't fail in the fiercest of storms.BA SP

  3. Wow! Just WOW!

  4. Hard to believe that's your place, all lush and green like that.
    I know how George feels. *snif*
    Have some fun: catch an insect of some kind and throw it into your spider's web. We had a big ol' spider weave her web in our front doorway corner and we had fun throwing supper at her. She was quite a show, running over and grabbing the creature, holding it up and wrapping it in silk like a custom-made ZipLoc bag.

  5. Green is what your land used to look like, or else the seeds wouldn't be there in the first place. A little rain in the Desert produces miracles. So pretty. Sigh.

  6. Great Pics! I love the squirrel meets chicken pic.
    I've got the sister to that spider on my porch. It's a very pretty spider, we visit together every day and I try to throw a fly or bee her way. I feed hummingbirds on my porch and there's always a yellow jacket feeding on one of the feeders that I can swat for the spider's lunch.

  7. Love your "leftovers". The squirrel conversing with the girls is something you just don't see in downtown Houston.

  8. So, that's where my spider went! There was one on our porch too. We loved watching it roll up it's web in the morning and spin a new one at night. I never knew they did that until we met him. They are supposed to eat the web. Look up orb spiders. Very interesting little guys..

  9. That's what we call a cat spider, because it's butt looks like a cat's head. I love those! We usually have a "pet" one or two around the barn. They are freckled and pretty (redheads, usually, or sometimes brunettes) and very mellow. Never threatening or scary.

  10. An American in Tokyo9/7/14, 6:10 PM

    I love that photo with the wildflowers! I can't believe everything is still so green!
    Over here, we are finally starting to get slightly cooler weather. I can feel autumn coming around the corner...

  11. It really is pretty when there is green in your area.

  12. Yes. The summer of '14 is to be remembered. However, here is dusty, parched California it's for an historically different reason.