Tuesday, September 9, 2014

My vocabulary isn't equipped to describe this much green

 The herd is much more attentive to my comings and goings in the pasture these days.

 Hope springs eternal that it may be time to have their muzzles removed.

 Me: Sorry, George. It's not time to take yours off; it's time to put Lucy's on.

Alan: My turn?
Me: Nope.

Lucy does not run in the other direction when she sees me coming with her grazing muzzle,
which makes no sense at all. She's such a good girl.

 Lucy: Be right back. I need to get a drink first.

The muzzles do not impede their ability to drink...

but Fish has commented that the slurping noises are noticeably louder.


  1. Fish doesn't have a name? just Fish?

  2. Hey, look at that, Fish is still with us. Looks like he's bigger too. Have a great day in that grassland of yours.

  3. I can't believe those donkeys haven't accidentally slurped Fish right into their mouths and down to their bellies! Or that JCC hasn't scooped him out for a tasty snack. :)

  4. HA! Yesterday I read a blog of someone who was thinking of adding goldfish to their little pond, and I thought about how goldfish can freeze for the winter and then thaw out just fine. Then SMSN Fish leaped into my mind and I wondered if he was still working for you...and now I see that he is growing into a VLC. A Very Large Carp and the water is clean of algae!

    Oh and you titled the post about how many words to use to describe green....probably as many as the Eskimos use to describe snow!!

  5. An American in Tokyo9/9/14, 6:00 PM

    Oh Lucy is such a good girl! She wants to keep her girly figure! ha ha!

    And wonderful to see Fish is doing well! I hope JC doesn't get a craving for sushi! =)

    Thank you for cheering up my dreary morning!