Friday, September 12, 2014

It's all about the food

The first full day of Danni and Paul's visit was mostly about food. 
 Something tells me days 2 - 5 will also be about food. I'm not complaining.


We interrupted our eating to walk around the ranch and hang out with the herd.

Happy hour.

Making dinner. Please note the chicken being tossed in the air and landing back in the pan.
How does he do that?

Dinner - shrimp and chicken pad thai.

Tomorrow, we make pies.


  1. Looks yummy!
    Gotta love visitors who pitch in and make their stay memorable :)
    Looking forward to the 'pies'.

    M in NC

  2. That all looks so good. Can't wait for the pie.

  3. I want to find the link to the reservations page...that is some swank joint!

  4. all three meals look delish, and the fact HE is cooking is even better than delish...

  5. Michelle from Vancouver9/12/14, 6:20 AM

    What time should we arrive tomorrow for pie ?

  6. Ohhh Scooch is loving life i bet.

  7. Friends that cook ....those are the best! Also...friends that come to the rescue and ranch sit....those are priceless! So glad you get to make more memories together.
    Lisa G in TN

  8. Good lord! If I bring ice cream, can I join the party? :)

  9. You have taken grits to a whole new culinary level! Yum!

  10. Your food looks delish and your friends look like great fun! If you figure out how he successfully flips the chicken, let me know. Every morning I try to flip my fried egg. Every morning I have to clean the errant bits of fried egg off of my stove, heh. I had one success, one perfectly flipped over easy egg. Unfortunately, there are no photos, someone ate the evidence. It was ever so tasty, even more so for it's flight through the air...
    LaurieB in Ga.

  11. Ohmygosh, I don't remember food tasting so yummy or me being SO DANG HUNGRY!
    We are feeling so spoiled. :-)

  12. Good friends who love the herd, are fun to be around and can cook. Sounds like perfection!

  13. What the heck? How come you don't have a food blog? Or photograph your nightly dinner? (just kidding) You have talents we out here in the Sacramento dried up valley don't know about. Have a wonderful weekend! You all are doing it up right! Can't beat Sierra Nevada beer.

  14. a post that makes me soooo hungry! love it

  15. An American in Tokyo9/15/14, 7:09 PM

    OMG!! All the food looks so delicious!!
    Glad to see you are enjoying your time together!!