Friday, September 26, 2014


I've spent extra time in the pasture lately, watching Hank's every move. Over the weekend, 
his achy arthritic knee was more achy than usual, and the simple act of walking was not so simple. 
My worry meter was pegged. He is now back to normal, to my great relief.
I don't know what caused the setback – maybe he tweaked it or something –
but he's been warned to be more careful because I can't handle that kind of stress.

Anyway, here is some of what went on during all that extra pasture time.

Perhaps because Hank was resting, the rest of the gang rested with him...
until Lucy broke ranks:

Hank seemed very sleepy.

I worried whether his knee was allowing him to lie down and get some much-needed deep sleep.

Sensing my concern, he promptly plopped down in the grass for a 20-minute nap.

Hank: See? I told you I could do it. Now stop worrying!

He high-fived the sky, then got back up to do what he does best –

eat and pose for pictures.


  1. Hank pictures truely make my day!!

  2. He was probably achy from all of the dampness in your little part of the world. I know it gets to me.

  3. Beautiful boy :) I love a pretty paint horse. I hope his knee stays limber for many years to come. I know that there are horses in my barn that get injections for arthritis that help them be more comfortable, or have nerve blocks done on trouble areas. Adequan and penticin are some of the names of drugs that are used to help with joint issues, but I am sure you have already talked with your vet since you are such a conscientious mom to all of your beautiful beasties. No matter what, it is always hard to see our loved ones hurting and so nice when they show signs of improvement. Sending warm thoughts to you and your herd :)

  4. Whew! Glad Hank is feeling better. He's a very special horse.

  5. Sending warm hands to Hank's achy knee and a bottle of wine to his mother. Have a great weekend Carson!

  6. I have achy knees and the fall always makes them more so. That's one possible reason. For humans and animals, "meditating" and resting allows us to come into balance. I do take medicine for various reasons, but am very much into natural healing. I love homeopathics, they are gentle and don't conflict with other medications. I know a lot of people who use homeopathics on their animals. For my legs, knees and other joints I use Topricin cream. It is WONDERFUL! It reduces inflammation and also heals nerve damage for diabetics. Your vet may or may not know about homeopathics -- some do and some don't. I buy mine from, but sometimes Walmart carries it, Walgreen or CVS. Great stuff. I'm glad Hank is feeling better. He really does have a very wise, confident presence. Blessings to all of you at the 7MSN.

  7. Oh my, I hope he'll be fine.

  8. I love the grass stain on his white hock! Glad all that fog and damp went away.

  9. have you tried green clay mask on his knee? it is excellent if it is swollen. love your teacher's pet animation!

  10. If they knew how we worry, they'd be even greater stoics than they are.

  11. Don't scare us like that, Big Boy.

  12. Glad he is feeling better! He's so beautiful.