Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sunday leftovers

The monsoonal rains just keep on coming. Moisture plus manure is a powerful thing.
I could start a mushroom farm in the poop cart if I were so inclined.

 We haven't seen Junior all week...

 ...though we continue to look for him.

 It's a group effort.

I'm still trying to convince the silver lace vine to work it's way across the overhead
and onto the bare posts to the right.

 These tall green things are new this year. I had nothing to do with them – they just showed up.
The area where they're growing is at the base of a downspout, 
so all the water must have something to do with their sudden appearance.

Their tiny little flowers aren't much to look at, but I'm very impressed by the stalks' sturdiness.
They are very tall and with nothing to prop them up, they can still withstand heavy winds and rain.

 The tallest ones are just about eye level now.
And before you assume I'm wearing half a handcuff, allow me to introduce my new gadget – it's a Fitbit.
One of my favorite authors, Lisa Scottoline, got one and wrote about it, and I thought that I, too,
might do more activities just so that my Fitbit will approve of me.
So far, it seems to be doing the trick. We'll see what happens once the novelty wears off.

While I've been blabbering on about my Fitbit, the flowers on the green stalks have turned into little dandelion-like things.
I guess this means there might be more stalks in my future.


  1. the photo above the silver of the gate is just gorgeous and would be beautiful printed on a canvas and hanging on my wall

  2. these mushrooms look great! omelet?

  3. Love my fitbit, have been wearing it every day for two years. Helps to keep me honest, or if nothing else gives me a swift kick in the butt to remember to do less sedentary things that I love, like knitting, stitching and reading. You'll have to keep us posted on how you like the arm version. I am still wearing the clip on kind (second one, first one didn't fare so well after going through the washer). And by the way, I know lots of folks who think that some weeds are such pretty will have lots and lots and lots of pretty flowers if you don't dispense with those soon.

  4. Beautiful photos. The mushroom picture looks like a mystical fairyland.


  5. The mushroom picture might be the prettiest picture of manure I've seen! The rest are gorgeous as well.

  6. Michelle from Vancouver8/10/14, 8:49 AM

    Your mystery weeds are called Horse Tail ( at least that's what we know it as here in BC ) it's a super invasive weed that strikes fear in any gardeners heart! Nearly impossible to get rid of when established. They love water. The best way to get rid of them is too pull as much as the root out as possible then pour vinegar down the hole where the root came out of.

    1. I agree. And, pull them when they are small cuz the larger they get the harder they are to pull out.

  7. Northern AB gal8/10/14, 9:09 AM

    I dunno, those tall stalky things look like weeds that will take over your place when you aren't looking!
    Like Jil, I would like to know how you like the arm version of the Fitbit. If it is recording movement, can't you clock up miles just by swinging your arm around? Is there some way to calibrate it the same way that you do the clip on kind?
    Can't get used to seeing all the green in your pictures!

  8. It is a type of horsetail The stuff here in Seattle is different,has long "needles" and I've never seen it flower. As Michelle said, it is nearly impossible to get rid of and is very invasive! If you get nettle burn, break the stalk of a horsetail plant and rub the sap on the area. It will relieve the stinging.

    1. This is not Equisetum, or horsetail. It is horseweed, Conyza canadensis. Plenty of online info, just look it up using the Latin name.

  9. Your place is so gorgeous. Glad you are getting rain. We bought mushroom compost one year and our yard reeked of ammonia for 2 weeks. A month after applying it to our garden everything exploded with growth. Maybe you could sell it. :)

  10. I wear my Fitbit intermittently but love it and do walk more when I do!

  11. Love the lushness of the plants, especially the ones you put there on purpose. And all the pics are wonderful as always.

  12. Great pics. Especially love #5 with the moody sky through the door to The Great What If.

  13. why pull them out? they keep the humidity, they are green and fix the soil

  14. I've become a little obsessed with my fitbit. The other night I did an extra lap around the house before bed to get to my 10,000 steps for the day. It does help me stay motivated about moving more.

  15. An American in Tokyo8/11/14, 5:39 PM

    Everything looks so lush and green! How wonderful! =)
    Happy summer!