Saturday, August 9, 2014

Saturday encore ~ How green is my valley

It was mid-afternoon on Sunday. I had nothing better to do, so I went outside to hang with the herd and kick cactus.

Lucy tried to convince me it was time to remove her grazing muzzle, but I wasn't buying it.
She left in a huff in search of a patch of dirt to roll in.

Imagine that...having to look for a patch of dirt, out here in the land of brown.

Lucy's patch wasn't big enough for three,

so Alan stomped off to find a patch of his own.

I love it when he high-fives the sky.

I'm not sure what makes him happier - a good coating of dust to keep the bugs off...

...or a sky filled with the promise of rain that will keep the grass growing.


  1. those lucky donkeys! the last picture really looks like a painting. this beautiful landscape is soul-nurturing

  2. They sell mud baths at the spa here in town. Out there you can get 'em for free. Just a thought, Carson.
    Great photo of a menacing sky. BA SP

  3. Wearing the grazing muzzle Lucy looks like that guy from 'silence of the lambs.' I don't know anything about grazing muzzles, why does she have to wear it?


    1. Laurie, donkeys are very easy keepers and can get fat on air. Lucy wore a grazing muzzle last year because she was eating too much. I haven't made her wear it this year ... yet ... but that day may be coming soon.

    2. 'Fat on air,' donkeys sound like my Golden Retriever.

  4. I also don't know anything about grazing muzzles, and I'm curious about it as well.
    We are thinking about getting donkeys and after seeing these cute pictures it make me more excited about the idea :)

  5. O my... i know i have watched too many episodes of Breaking Bad, as my first thought was that Lucy was wearing a gas mask... :-)


  6. I am enjoying your wonderful pictures. Thank you!