Saturday, August 30, 2014

Saturday encore ~ Our favorite afternoon game show

When selecting posts for the "Saturday Encore" editions of this blog, I usually go back to the posts
from one year ago and choose a favorite from that week. The post below is from August 28, 2013. 
You might remember it as the one that stayed up for a few days while I went missing. 
Hard to believe it's been a year since the great colic surgery of '13, but I lived to blog about it 
and remain amazed by all the support and kindness shown by the people I've met here. 
Have I told you lately how much I appreciate you? 


In the heat of the day, Lucy and the boys usually take a break from grazing and come back to the barn for some shade. 
They'll each pick a door and stand in front of it, taking advantage of the cross-breeze.

Behind door number 1 today is Lucy.

George picks door number 2.

And Alan settles for door number 3.

But what about Hank? There is no door number 4. What's the big guy going to do?

Whatever he wants.


  1. Have I told you how much your posts brighten my day? Thank you.


  2. That was such a scary time! So glad to celebrate its good outcome and your brave and funny attitude! Bravo and ONWARD!

  3. i can't believe it has been a year. scary how fast time is flowing fast ... you go Hank

  4. Hard to believe it has been a year already, take care. You bring such joy to so many!
    Wendy in Thailand

  5. Ha ha, I knew that was coming :-)

  6. That was a very scary time and we (the Cuckoos) are all so glad that things turned out well for you. Your Ranch Sitters were amazing and the help you received from your friends and family was so heartwarming. So I'll drink to the celebration of a year gone by on the great Colic Surgery of '13. Bottoms up on those Margaritas all. Oma Linda

  7. I appreciate you too. Each morning starts with seeing what the 7MSN gang is up to, which usually makes me laugh or shake my head-or both. Thank you!!

  8. We love your blog, its owner, its critters and their stories

  9. I remember that post. And I remember how scary everything was. As much as I appreciate you, I still haven't forgiven you for putting that mental image in my head of packing your wound. I'm sure glad that's over.

  10. I rarely leave comments but I NEVER miss a day of the 7MSN crew and I always wear my cap when I walk my dogs. So very glad you came through that time well and had such good help. Heavens, they even kept the blog going! What more could a ranch woman ask for?! I confess I still shake my head at the choice of illness...not appendicitis, tonsillitis or any other essentially human malady for Carson. Nope, you go for colic. It seems fitting somehow! I'll join Oma Linda with the magarittas and say "bottoms up" and "cheers"! Heather