Friday, August 29, 2014

Johnny takes the high road

 JCC: I'd ask what you're wearing but maybe I don't want to know.

 JCC: You're not planning to put one of those on me, are you?

 JCC: I'm not sticking around to find out.

 Johnny turned around when he realized he was missing out on all the fun.

He took the high road around the corral to avoid getting wet in the tall, dewy grass,

 which was a good plan...up to the point where the gate was open.

I was hoping he would leap across the opening for you, but showing off is beneath him.


  1. Alexander (the Great)8/29/14, 6:22 AM

    Such a handsome kitty!

  2. My donkeys will allow no critters (Hobbes or chickens) in their pasture at all. I'm glad your animals have an agreement. :)

  3. He walks that fence quite well. My old kitty will be 18 in the spring, he has a hard time jumping higher than the couch these days.

  4. Slim JCC, what a sweet boy, he wants to be part of the group with you! the last pix, what a great animation, thank you!

  5. Johnny is so agile. And no not all cats are. Happy Friday. Have a wonderful weekend.