Monday, July 14, 2014

The 7MSN Rest and Rehabilitation Home for Wayward Pronghorns

Mama and Junior arrived at the ranch last Tuesday night. They're still here. 
Since it's not normal for a mom/baby pair to be alone and not among the safety of a herd, 
I suspected something was not right about these two. I think I've finally figured it out.

Mama pronghorn is a hot mess. Her left hind ankle is very swollen and she limps when she runs.
She also has a wound on her chest. One of her horns curves downward and practically pokes her in the eye, 
and don't get me started about all the flies on her face. I want to gather her up and put her on stall rest, 
but by choosing to live here inside the fence, she's sort of done that herself.

I think she's figured out that predators don't come close to civilization/my house, 
so that's the safest place for her and Junior to be. 
She doesn't seem threatened by me and doesn't run away or make the pronghorn warning call when I get close. 
(There's an audio recording of a pronghorn call on this page.) 

I've stopped tippy-toeing around them and found that if I just act normally, they're cool with it. 
I talk to them all the time and they're used to my voice. 
They look at me like I'm weird, but that's nothing new.

I'll zoom out wide here so you can get the big picture. I set up a water tub for them; 
I'm not sure how much or if they're drinking from it because the equines discovered it and think 
it's quite the novelty to be able to get a drink without walking back to the barn. 

When Johnny showed up, Mama became alarmed and started in with her warning call. 
I'm sure she thought he was a mini mountain lion.

I walked away, knowing Johnny would follow me, so that Mama wouldn't get upset and run unnecessarily.

Now that I know Mama needs time to rest and heal, I've got to resist the temptation to hang out with them,
but it's damned difficult – Junior is so stinkin' cute and photogenic.

I'll try to keep my distance and admire them afar. They're welcome to stay as long as they'd like.
Besides, I've got a hay delivery coming this week. What's two more mouths to feed?


  1. At least they let you take their pictures. I guess that's some compensation for running a half-way house. I hope they can find a herd to join once mama heals. It looks like you might become a pronghorn whisperer.

  2. She landed in the best possible (and safest) place she could find. Lucky momma and baby. I guess that makes you "Aunt Linda"!

  3. Linda, I've wished mightily for burros & horses since I was a little kid! Never was in a position to give them what they need. Now that, to my astonishment, I'm 66, sigh, it's unlikely to happen, so I was overjoyed to find your blog & live with them vicariously. I love all of yours. We are moving next spring & I need to find a house next to someone who has donkeys so I can become their new best friend!

    Pronghorns: every spring at least one fawn is born in our back yard, which is fenced & has woods in back. Twice we've had 2 fawns by different mothers -- the does leave them here, safe from foxes, coyotes, & loose dogs, visiting 3 times a day to nurse & check on them. When they're big enough to keep up easily with mama, we open the gates & let them go with her. As they grow, it's torture not to interact with them, but we never approach them. The BEST gift is not to let them become comfortable in any way around humans. It's the only way to assure them a longer life.

    Can you get antibiotics to the mother somehow, if you think she needs them?

  4. This is so cool! It's like you have a mini-zoo. Hope Mom will be okay and Jr is adorable!

  5. They are earning their hay by allowing you to blog about them ;) I would be very tempted to slip something into mama's water so I could doctor her eh!

  6. Thank you for reaching out to wildlife in need!!!

  7. I do hope her wound is not man inflicted as with a gun and will heal.. they are so beautiful

  8. You are a good person. I'm thankful that these two found their way to your middle of least they have a chance now.

  9. Aw, I love that she found your sanctuary to recoup. I literally laughed out loud when I read the mini mountain lion label on the photo.

  10. How nice! What about Wildlife West Nature Park? Would they rescue momma and baby and heal them?

  11. Is there also a wound on her hindquarters? Good chance she got those wounds keeping coyotes away from junior. Good to see she found a soft place to land for awhile! :-)

  12. Aw! She new the best place to go out in the middle of nowhere.

  13. Poor pronghorn mama. She looks pretty rough. It seems funny to me that she isn't sheltering behind some scrub out there, but maybe she likes to have an open view to be able to look for trouble (I know nothing about pronghorns). It's amazing her baby looks perfectly fine. Maybe he was tucked away somewhere safe when she got into the fight for her life? Anyway she chose the right pasture to recuperate!

  14. Too bad she won't stand there so you could spray vetericyn on her wounds. I hope she heals up fast and I'm so glad you are leaving water for her as that way she can save her energy to heal. Betsy

  15. Looks like she has been through a battle of some sort. I would think that the horn will eventually fall off....would have to research that. Looks like she has determined that this is a good place to lay over for the time being. Am glad that you are keeping your distance. Can't wait to see the progression of her healing. Thank you for what you are doing.

  16. Awwww... Amazing that her instincts found her a safe place.... Very cool. Amazing that she is fine around scratch that, animals just know who is on their side. Love that you have given her a safe place and made it even better by providing water.

    And love the mini mountain lion :-)

  17. maybe she will let you spray vetericin on her because her instincts tell her to do it. it is not only tthat she came with the bambi on your propriety but she stands there looking at you not moving, she must know she needs treatment. 2 big wounds are a lot to cure and heal, and her leg wound looks peoccupying. She also knows that her bambi will be safe with you. I guess she and bambi eat hay and do have access to your hay during the night. I think mini mountain lion is protecting you.

  18. Poor Mama is a hot mess. She all lumpy too. Unless they are bug bites. I hope she heals from all that to give Jr. a chance.
    She has a great place to recover at, that's for sure.

  19. How very cool that you have a chance to observe them for a while and give them a place of rest. Amazing that they have settled some, animals are amazing and so much smarter than we ever give them credit for. You are a good soul. :-)

  20. I really, really appreciate what you do. Thank you! Susan

  21. What a smart antelope to recognize what she needed and sense you had it there with your wild burros and horses ;). I hope her time of resting will be enough but she taught her young one what it needs. You are indeed a good soul and she knows it.

  22. Ou, that horne looks a bit bad. Just hope that it dosn't grow in her eye...sometimes when our male sheeps fide together, the horns did destroyed and it started to grow wrong way...but the baby is so sweet, no wonder why you can't keep your shots out of it :)

  23. An American in Tokyo7/14/14, 6:01 PM

    What a wonderful place, the 7MSN Rest and Rehab Home!! ;)
    I hope they get everything they need here and Momma heals up fine!!

  24. hello from Austin , TX I love you blog... I hope mama heals up. I love the mini mountain lion too. :)

  25. How about putting Terramycin soluble anitibiotic in Mama Pronghorn's water? They have it on the internet at or your local feed store should have it.

  26. doesn't look like my comment went through yesterday. Very more time with feeling:
    And every single thing you're doing? Yeah...I'd be doing that, too. :-)
    So glad it's your pasture they found their way to....