Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sunday leftovers

A collection of images left in the camera from the previous week.

Johnny has claimed the front porch as his own, probably because he's been temporarily banned from the house. 
I spotted a flea on him. Bad flea. Fleas are not supposed to survive at high altitude...another lie the internet told me.

 I caught up with some treasured friends at a dog-friendly restaurant. The humans had fish tacos,
the dog had hummus on whole wheat pita bread. Smooch still hasn't forgiven me for not taking her.
(It was too hot for her to wait in the truck while I did all my other errands.) 
I'll make it up to her. Promise.

 Lady Mary has made a full and miraculous recovery from the several-minutes-which-seemed-like-an-eternity
which she spent in Smooch's mouth. Maybe chickens have nine lives, too.

The summer monsoon season has begun in earnest, with regular afternoon thunderstorms, 
often while the sun is shining brightly. It's a New Mexico thing. 
The above picture was taken with a slow shutter speed...

 ...while this one was taken at a very fast shutter speed. 
I think I like this one better – makes it look like I live in a snow globe in July.

Hi, George. Nice to see you before you roll in the mud. 

Saturday was a hay day in preparation for the main event –
the hay man is scheduled to deliver 300 bales on Tuesday, weather and road permitting.

I moved all the old hay out of the hay barn and onto the back porch to make room.
 It was not fun.

The highlight of the week was making the acquaintance of Mama and Junior.
I'm over-the-top excited that they're still here, and I think I've figured out why they've moved in. More on that tomorrow.  


  1. oh my, poor Lady Mary... can't wait to find out why the new critters are there at your ranch.

  2. Johnny needs a treatment and then he will be ok. The treatment is needed so to avoid possible allergy or digestive problems. I would recommend the spot on treatment:
    Spot on treatments: Topical adulticide. There are several effective products on the market which are administered via liquid form to the cat's shoulders. These are available through your veterinarian or online pet product store. These products are very effective for killing adult fleas on your cat. The active ingredient varies from product to product. Application is generally once a month.

    1. Not to worry, Carine. JCC has already had his first monthly spot-on dose and we're stocked up for the months to come.

    2. Oh wonderful, I know your are perfect moma for your critters, I cant stop myself worrying for JCC, please excuse my weakness

  3. Sunday Laftovers is rapidly becoming my favorite post of the week!
    Another vote for a spot-on treatment. He'll only hate you for a short time.....

  4. AMEN to the shoulder applied vermin-acide. We have deer ticks here and the "anti-tick" keeps our dog living in the house. I feel your pain about the hay. You must still be itchy! Long sleeves in the summer. WHAT FUN! It is, however, what we do for our loved ones!

  5. Good for Lady Mary and now straight to the new adventures :) We have started harvesting a hay for a winter and it's not fun, because the days are heat and a gadflyes big and angry...

  6. Love that Johnny Cashcat. I'll be suspense until tomorrow over the Antelope.

  7. I like the Sunday Leftovers maybe more than the regular posts. It's a little bit of everything, like a smorgasbord! Johnny is so cute with his little curled paws.

  8. Another really great set of photos! I'm loving this feature. Looking forward to finding out why the antelopes roam and stay at the 7MSN

  9. I really like these Sunday leftover posts! I am reading while eating leftovers even! HAHA~

  10. Because I lived in Tucson AZ for a very long time, I'm always watching their weather channel from here in Mississippi for the beginning of the rainy season. This year I had this thought: the rains WILL happen, monsooner or later! Silly me, I think that's a bit clever! As my daughter tells me "I'm glad YOU find yourself funny, mom"!!

    Loving all the leftovers.

  11. I like the picture that looks like a snow globe too. Great Pics. Wish mine looked so good. I also wish we had some of that rain here in Texas.
    That moving of haay is wayyy harrrd work. Don't think I could do it.