Tuesday, June 17, 2014

If I were in first grade, I'd be taking this to show and tell

But since I'm not, I will make you look at it instead.

Behold the dead lizard. When I found him belly up and tailless in the corral, 
I assumed Johnny ate the best part and left him for dead.

Upon closer examination, I discovered that this lizard had an out-of-body experience,
for not only was his tail gone, all his innards were as well. Either he evaporated from the inside out 
or he shed his skin completely, right down to his cute little toes. I'm sure Google would explain it for me, 
but it's more fun not knowing.

 Lucy thought it was pretty funny that I would: a) pick up a lizard and b) take pictures of it,

 but she was just as curious as I when it came right down to it.

 Don't look now, Alan, but you have a reptile in your mane.

 Maybe we'll start a new game, sort of like Flat Stanley.

We could call him Hollow Larry.


  1. Carson, you're so funny. "Hollow Larry" had me rolling!

    1. Alexander (the Great)6/17/14, 5:50 AM

      Me too! Love you Carson!

  2. hollow larry looks like an elongated frog... really weird..

  3. You may now return to your seat Linda after you put your lizard back in the coat room ;p

  4. Ha! You're so silly. A girl after my own heart with the fascination of dead critters. :)

  5. I think it might be time for a ranch visit, or for you to spend a few days off site, you're getting the weirdest case of cabin fever I've ever seen.

  6. Well that was a strange lizard. Sure did look like a whole one.

  7. Now that's something ya don't see every day. Hollow Larry would make it into the Casa de Cuckoo "wonders" jar along side the perfectly round like a ball rock and the hummingbird egg shell. Right next to the empty turtle shell. We like weird stuff too.

  8. Leapin' Lizards, Batman!! Forget the Penguin, Hollow Larry's on the loose again!! Gotham City and Albuquerque need our help!! Let's get to the BatRover ......!!!

  9. Too funny - I particularly love Lucy's reaction!

  10. HA HA HA! Rolling on the river laughing this morning. Not really on a river, more like a government cubicle. I hope you are around for another seven years because that is how long I will be stuck in this cubicle and I need to laugh alot until retirement about all kinds of silly stuff, like Hollow Larry!

  11. Very cool. Might I also add that you may have been out in the desert alone a wee bit too long... *wink*

  12. Hollow Larry..... Too freakin' funny. You slay me!

  13. I do believe your cheese has done slid off your cracker! (But oh how I enjoyed this post and can honestly say I would've done the same thing.)

  14. An American in Tokyo6/18/14, 6:09 PM

    Interesting!! So it was just the shedded skin? It looks so real!!
    (But I could never pick it up like you did!!)