Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Blame it on the chickens

The new chickens are keeping all of us on our toes. I caught the little daredevils sneaking under the front yard fence
into the pasture this week, necessitating a stopgap to prevent any catastrophes.

The fence modification is keeping the chickens in, 
but it's also blocking one of Johnny's favorite escape routes. He's not pleased.

Johnny: Just because I'm able to leap tall fences doesn't mean I enjoy it.

Should I waste one of my lives on this?

Maybe this will work like a ladder...

...or maybe I'll do a face plant and she'll feel sorry for me and get rid of the damned plank.

Better yet, maybe she'll get rid of the damned chickens.


  1. Johnny looks so lionesque.

  2. Poor Johnny, all that extra effort in the summer heat... just when he had his patrol routine all figured out.

    Two thoughts came to mind ...
    A) perhaps an adjustment to the boards so that JC has a 'cat door', but too small for the 7MSN version of Chicken Run :)

    B) A jump platform that will work for JC but not convienent for the pullets.

    Getting some extra weight on the birds plus clipping a few flight feathers might help too.

    M in NC
    .... looking forward to more tales of Mrs. Huges, Lady Edith and Lady Mary !

  3. I've seen people place planks under their window sill so cats can sit and look out the window. I have an 8ft fence and when I come home from my bike ride the neighborhood lounge lizard (cat) is sunning himself on my patio chair. Cats are amazing jumpers.
    BA SP

  4. muscular, skinny Johnny. clever cat. hope this change does not put him at risk on his way back into safety. we love Johnny.

  5. Tell JCC that eventually the chickens will get too big to use that route and you'll be able to remove the board.

  6. JCC is such a stunning cat, lean, lanky and handsome.

  7. That first shot is so darn cute with that little chicken head poking up from behind the bushes! I am glad that Johnny has figured out a new route since his old one has to be blocked. :-)

  8. An American in Tokyo6/18/14, 6:13 PM

    So I guess the older "chicks" are too fat to get under the fence?! hee hee!!
    Never a dull moment at The 7MSN!! =)

  9. The chickens' escape route out may also serve as JCC's escape route IN.

  10. that's it....the keyword...... ladder. Maybe you could put a small ladder or even just a plank on an angle against the fence so JCC could walk up or down it ..rather than having to leap all the way...