Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Bovine before breakfast, the conclusion

We rejoin our story as the trespassing bovine ignores my instructions to exit down the driveway
and get the hell off my land.

The cow and I played a lengthy game of hide and seek in the area by the hay barn. 
I was on foot at this point and cursing up a storm. 
(My potty mouth gets pottier in direct proportion to my lack of caffeine.)

Alan: Mom is mad. Be very afraid.

Cow: I smell hay.
Me: @#$%^&!

Cow: I wonder where the water is?
Me: &%#!@$%#@)!

She headed for the rain gauge, surprising all of us. We didn't think cows were that clever.
(Look closely and you'll see Smooch with her donkey ears up.)

She mumbled something about the prolonged drought and how tough it is to be a cow these days,

then moved off with great determination.

We all wondered where she was going.

The clever cow went right back to the gate through which I had chased her, now closed.

Cow: I sense I'm not welcome here.

Had she stared at me for one more second, she would now have a name and her own stall in the barn,

but she did the right thing and set her sights on the open gate at the end of the driveway.

She'll be happier among her own herd, or so I kept telling myself.
Besides, I think cattle theft might still be a hanging offense in New Mexico.

We said our goodbyes, another ranch adventure came to a peaceful end,
and I finally got to have my coffee.


  1. I think I know that cow. I believe her name is Madeleine.

  2. Ahhhh. Some people just go for a run in the morning. You run with purpose. Much more interesting!

  3. I think she would have fit right in...she probably knows that, and she will probably be back. Just sayin'...

  4. I wish I had such interesting visitors to my place eh!

  5. This was a classic 7MSN adventure and I was sort of hoping she *did* get a name and a stall in the barn! Love those equine ears lining up for a look and wondering what was going to happen. LOL!

  6. this just might be my most favorite ever of your clever stories.... ROFL on the one more second and she would have a name...

  7. I think she might be back, also! I could see her romping around with the group. Let's name her... Going with the country theme...Miranda?

  8. I love how she had everyone's full attention. Your captions were perfect.

    1. I noticed that too. It must be an art.

  9. Oh my, that would not be good if she found your hay barn!! She'd tell all her friends and they'd have a party when you are on a WalMart run!

  10. Every visitor you have at 7MSN does the same thing....they know a good thing when they experience it and just don't wanna leave. Can't blame them. Potty mouth and lack of caffeine makes perfect sense and also provides a good blog adventure chatter.

  11. cattle prod might be a good investment if you have this happen again. It does a lot to convince them even when they see it. I could never use a stick hard enough to convince them of anything but just point the prod and they are moving where I want. It doesn't really hurt them. Well, it hurts but not damages :)

  12. Word got out. Yours is the place for happy animals! She could use a face wash and some fly swat around her eyes too.

  13. Those sad eyes....she will be back you know...oh those sad eyes.

  14. The last time we had stray cows on our property, the owners came and did a "round-up" - cowboy style. It was fun to watch, but these folks let their cattle free range, and I imagine that this happened a lot.

  15. yes I think so these eyes were talking, I would not have been able to resist like you

  16. she looks heavy in the front part and so thin in the back part, is that normal?

  17. Hi Carson,
    Can you blame a girl for trying? She knows how well you treat your critters she's decided she wants to be one too! Love love the pic with George and Alan and then the eighth one where they think Omg mom adopted a heifer! And then I love smooches donkey ears...yea I pretty much love them all!
    Deb in Viola

  18. I hope she hooked up with her herd. Whenever one gets separated around here, you can hear her crying and carrying on until she finds her friends.

  19. An American in Tokyo6/10/14, 6:10 PM

    Lovely story! Sorry you didn't get your caffeine first!

    I wonder if it's time for some kind of permanent fencing? Something the cows can't get under?