Thursday, May 1, 2014

The day the mountains disappeared

The wind did not blow one bit yesterday, which turned out to be a bad thing. 
According to the weatherman, dust particles hung on to some moisture in the air, and without any wind 
to blow them away, New Mexico looked strangely like southern California.

Lucy: Didn't there used to be a mountain over there?

The desert didn't sound quite right under the haze.
Lucy put her ears into bi-directional alert mode.

Alan: The sky is falling.

Have I ever posted about the mushroom tree? That's what I call this juniper. 

George and Alan have carved out a cute little overhang all the way around it.
I think it looks like a mushroom cap.
It's a good place for them to hide from any sort of weather.



  1. I am the original Henny Penny always running around saying the sky is falling... so this post made me laugh... and it really looks like the sky is
    falling... love that mushroom tree. smart donkeys

  2. This past winter, the deer did that Mushroom Pruning to all the evergreens because the rest of the browse was covered in ice. The herd is kind of maintaining their own shade canopy. I like a self-sufficient herd.

  3. Maybe it will rain a bit and wash all that dust out of the air.

  4. Sure has been a weird weather year! I love Alan's beautiful dark coat. Although ... I guess that might be extra hot on sunny days.

  5. wind, no wind, are we ever satisfied? it is true that when we miss something we realize how useful it was. here it is raining and raining and raining

  6. Yep the same monster came and stole the Sandias too. As a matter of fact the Son of Monster is still hanging around this morning. On the way to school Ry said almost the same thing as Lucy's statement. Kinda spooky looking actually, very much like SCal.
    Glad the "kids" have made a mushroom fort to hide under and out of the elements. We all need a little shelter from the storm, whatever that may be.

  7. Wish I could twist my ears like Lucy,could behelpful when my students answer while speaking between their teeth!

  8. how nice if we could exchange our climatic conditions: you send me a morning of New Mexican sun and wind, I send you an afternoon of French rain