Thursday, May 29, 2014

The dark and grumpy side of Smooch

It was almost dinnertime. I was in the corral, hanging out with the herd. 
Smooch was in her yard, feeling left out and looking for trouble.

Smooch: This is my yard and my hole, now get the hell away from me.

Smooch: I mean it!

Hank: What the f*k is her problem?

Some of us are emotional eaters; Smooch is an emotional digger.

George walked over to see if he could calm her down.

Smooch: I don't want to be calmed down.

Smooch: Did you not hear me the first time?!

At that point, everybody walked over for a little group therapy.

Hank: I think she has abandonment issues.

Alan: I think she needs carrots.

Johnny: I think I'll stay over here and avoid all the drama.


  1. I am in Johnny's camp!
    I think that Smooch would have been miserable as a city dog.
    She definitely needs the wide open spaces of the ranch and an understanding Human who appreciates a well dug hole ;)

    M in NC

  2. I have a good life. Coming here each morning makes it even better! Thank you!

  3. wow@ Smooch Does she have a dog friend in China and decide to go for a visit? Hope she got it out of her system for a while. The equines did the best they could.

  4. When did she become a little potty mouth?

  5. Since it is planting season, I could use a little help from a hole digger. Oh my aching back!
    BA SP

  6. Laughing is a great way to start the day. Thanks for that perfect narration.

  7. With Smooches digging skills I would think she could dig her way out of the yard. Is this ever a concern when you go to town?
    Also, does she ever hang out in the same space as the others without a leash or does she get too crazy?
    Just wondering....Lisa G in TN

  8. I love how her equine friends go over to see what's up with her while she was having her moment. Love this little story. :-)

  9. Wrong time of the month?? .....

  10. I think Smooch is watching far too many polluting television series, she needs to dump this bad vibes energy deep into the ground

  11. I was wondering the same as Lisa, does Smooch ever walk around in the corral?
    She's a hot-diggity-dog!

  12. It's ok Smooch. We all get that way once in a while. I love the picture of the dirt flying. She can really move some earth. At least you won't have to trim her nails.

  13. Love that Smooch!

    This story popped up in my Facebook feed and of course anything that has to do w/ a donkey makes me think of you.
    Read the story before you watch the video.

  14. "I don't want to be calmed down." Oh, haven't I been there myself a time or two! I hope you warned the boys not to mention the word "hormones" when she's in that mood.

  15. Poor Smooch, just can't have a tantrum in peace:)

  16. You still have adorable donkey's! Cute photos...

  17. An American in Tokyo5/29/14, 6:05 PM

    Aww, poor Smoochie!!

    By the way, I couldn't help but notice Hank's feet. Is he okay? Has he been playing too rough and wearing down his feet too quick?

  18. Poor Smooch, just wants to rage in peace and the herd just won't leave her the f*^%# alone! Love JCC's expression: "to hell with that; that bee-atch is crazy"