Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Porch drama

There was a knock at my office door Tuesday morning. Johnny went over to answer it. 

Good thing Smooch wasn't on indoor patrol or our guest would have run off immediately from all the barking.

Johnny: Can I help you?

Squirrel: No. Just passing through.

Johnny: Wow. Two guests in one day. This might be a record.

I loved that Johnny stood perfectly still and didn't scare them off.

It gave us a chance to watch Squirrel #2 bitch-slap Squirrel #1. 

Johnny: That was kind of nutty.

I waited a few minutes to give the squirrels a head start, then let Johnny outside to investigate.

He wisely decided to not get in the middle of the drama.


  1. First thing I noticed was how CLEAN your porch was. ;)

    Looks like handsome Johnny is settling into inside life nicely. We knew he'd get inside when you first brought him home. (How could you not invite that sweet boy in?!)

  2. I suspect there would have been a cup of dog slobber on the door window as well, had Smooch been involved.
    Be prepared for JCC to bring you a baby squirrel or two in the coming weeks. :( Those feral cats take their job very seriously.

  3. I am ROLLING over "bitch-slap" - LOL!

  4. Oh gee, I busted out laughing at the bitch slapping squirrel!! Good I hadn't taken a sip of coffee or my computer screen would have got messy! It was so funny because the post seemed simple and sweet, Johnny (and his incredibly long tail) watching the visitors and not salivating in hunger at the closeness of a furry meal. And suddenly the mean-as-hell how in this chaotic, non-linear world did you know that was going to happen and got the pic exactly right?? Are you a squirrel psychic? Or do you have a hundred poses of arguing squirrels and were waiting for the Jerry Springer moment?!!

    1. Elizabeth, I owe it all to D.A.L. (dumb ass luck).

    2. HAHAHA!! You had to be the D.A. because George and Alan are king of Smart Ass (Remarks)!

  5. Actually I think Johnny Cat has hypnotic powers and was using them on Squirrel # 1....until his wife came along screamed his name while she smacked his face and told him to snap out of it and go home!

  6. life is good at 7 MSN: clean porch,clean window, nice wise -so wise- cat, and squirrel wrestling. you dont need TV anymore

  7. Johnny Cash Cat is aptly named. He knows better than to get in the middle of a domestic dispute.

  8. You have much classier squirrels than we do. Ours are plain grey with big bushy tails. Yours have some sort of textured fur and not much tail..
    No, no trading here, just an observation.


  9. I laughed so hard at the "BITCH SLAP" that people at work think I am nuts!