Monday, May 12, 2014

Maternal instincts

I am not a mom in the traditional sense, but that does not mean I don't have maternal instincts. 
My children just happen to have four legs. I worry about them and care for them and celebrate them
as much as traditional moms.

So when Lucy and I went for a ride on Mother's Day and I saw Turtle Steve for the first time since August,
you can bet I was elated. Some moms got flowers or breakfast in bed, I got a visit from Turtle Steve.
We're all happy.

After the ride, it was time to give all the equines their spring vaccinations. Hank and Lucy couldn't care less 
about being poked and calmly stood for their shots in exchange for a cookie. But this was the first time 
I had to shoot up George and Alan unassisted; previously, I have imposed upon my farrier or a house guest 
to hold them while I stuck them. To my surprise and delight, both burros earned gold stars for their cooperation. 
Whew. Another Mother's Day gift.

But since George and Alan have been known to have adverse reactions to vaccines (they get 
droopy and quiet and are otherwise not themselves), my maternal instincts were in overdrive most of the day. 
I had to keep checking on them to make sure they were okay. No big deal...except for the 40 mph winds that kicked up.

The good thing about crazy strong winds is that they slow down the birds and give me time to focus.

The bad thing about crazy strong winds is that I lose my hat. Often.

For a moment, I thought my hat was going to land on Alan's head.

No such luck.

Alan: I can't believe I'm being chased by a pink hat.

When I went over to retrieve my hat,

George seized the opportunity for a butt scratch.

Of course I indulged him. Isn't that what moms do?


  1. My children were also born with four legs and fur, and I feel so blessed.

  2. Happy Mom's Day. Every day :-).

  3. Yes it is ;) I can hear that hat saying wheeeee while flying in the wind.

  4. So sweet. I know just how you feel about your fur babies!

  5. It sounds like the perfect Mother's Day!
    I hope the boys did well with their vaccines. I've just been reading about donkey reactions to paste wormers. Sheesh, scary stuff.

  6. My 36 year old "Grandmother Horse" also has adverse reactions to vaccinations. The problem has been solved by dividing the injections up and giving West Nile one day, wait 4-5 days and give Rhino/Flu, then EWT a few days later. We also inoculate against Rabies in Texas. We have used this protocol for several years and it has worked perfectly! Might want to give it a try next spring ...

  7. There could not be a better Mom for your herd of four leggeds than you. Glad Steve came by to pay his respects, always good to see him. Sounds like a enviable Mother's Day spent with the "kids". Oma Linda

  8. Turtle Steve?! That can only mean one thing.....someone is going to be visiting The 7MSN Ranch soon.
    My cat used to get the same way from his vaccines. It made feel horrible, putting him through that. Glad they did OK.

  9. Yay! Glad turtle Steve is around! Love the hat pics and your hair flying all over in the shadow...

  10. that was a very good day.

  11. I think those are awesome Mother's Day gifts!! And I love that Steve poked his head out to say howdy!

  12. Addicted to butt scratches as they are, do they ADORE being brushed?

    1. Actually they don't like to be brushed! Except for the two-week period when they're really shedding (which will probably be in a few weeks) - then they will tolerate the furminator.

    2. none of them likes to be brushed! even Hank! What about Johnny? my cat could be brushed all day long. or is the furminator too hard? I only have a normal brush

    3. George and Alan are the ones who dislike being brushed. Hank and Lucy will stand there until my arm falls off. Smooch and Johnny tolerate it, but it's definitely not their favorite thing.

  13. An American in Tokyo5/12/14, 6:44 PM

    What a great mom!!

    I love those pictures with your hat flying away!! ha ha!!