Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Lucy doesn't look her best in the morning

 Me: Yowsah, Lucy! Rough night?

 Lucy: Don't you be blaming me for my haggard looks. You're the one who did my make-up.

Guilty. Fly season began a few weeks ago and I refuse to invest any more money on disappearing fly masks. 
Instead, I am applying roll-on fly repellent around everybody's eyes.

 The stuff works great, but fly repellent + dust storms = raccoon eyes.

Every morning before re-applying, I have to scrape and/or wash off the residue.
Lucy is the only equine I've ever met who loves having her eyes de-goobered.

 Lucy: I feel like a new woman.

 Lucy: Can you get that stuff with a little concealer added? I'm starting to notice some fine lines in the corners.

By mid-afternoon, Lucy's raccoon eyes were back but the flies were nowhere in sight. 
Either the fly repellent is working or her looks scared them off. Whichever. 
As long as I don't have to search the pasture for fly masks, I'm happy.


  1. Hey, that looks great! Can I use it on sheep? I am having quite a Spring hatch around here.

  2. anything to keep those pesky flys away eh!!

  3. Alan will be disappointed, or is it George who snatches the eye masks from everybody else? How quickly we forget. Good to see Lucy as her beautiful self in between. Great pics.

  4. The boys never did like the fly masks. Flies are miserable summer pests.

    BA SP

  5. I love that roll-on stuff! It was the only thing that my horse would let me put near his face. No masks and no spraying of fly spray.
    PS>>Now I love Lucy even more. Is that even possible?

  6. DANG! I hit the wrong key...Clearly off subject, but saw this: http://features.en.softonic.com/goat-simulator-2014-is-as-crazy-as-it-sounds and thought of you, your animals and followers. It could be named "Donkey Simulator" or "7MSN Simulator". Quirky, "silly and lighthearted" just like your posts. Mick

  7. Just a suggestion - if you buy unscented baby wipes they come in handy to wipe around their eyes. Just moist enough to get the crude off. I have an older mini who gets a runny eye from allergies and the wipes are handy and work great.

  8. We use the spot on treatment from Freedom. Goes on every two weeks and seems to keep the fly away and ticks off. We have icelandic horses and they will rub belly raw over flies. We worth money. See link for valley vet if interested. http://www.valleyvet.com/ct_detail.html?pgguid=00eecdd3-e12e-45f4-96f1-5519ce83b8fc&ccd=IGO043&gclid=CPyQ6umxqr4CFWgF7AodkW8A0A